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Tiberian Sun - Nod Walkthrough

This Walkthrough was written by Steven W. Carter a big thanks to him!

Disclaimer: I provide no guarantees here. These are strategies that worked for me on version 1.08 using the normal difficulty level. I played each mission at least twice and generally tried to mix up my strategies to see what worked best. What follows is a summary of that work, with an emphasis more on how to start up each mission rather than on details on how to destroy an enemy base once you are able to repulse its attacks (and where preferences will vary anyway).

Mission 1 - The Messiah Returns
Build a refinery and destroy all of Hassan's troops.

Watch the super buggy kill two infantry at once, and then get to work with your base. You need to build a refinery, and you need to train a lot of infantry.

There is an unguarded entrance to your base to the north, and it leads to a patch of tiberium. Put some troops there to keep it safe. The entrance to the east has two lasers guarding it. That's all the defense it needs.

Since you're fighting NOD troops in this mission, be wary of subterranean APC attacks. Hassan will send three at you: one near the north entrance of the base, one inside the base to the east, and one inside the base to the west. Each attack will only have three light infantry units in it, so they should be easy to to defeat.

Gather an attack force of ten infantry or so, and start exploring the map. Most of Hassan's troops will attack your base and get killed that way, but there are also two buggies that must be located and destroyed.

Mission 2 - Retaliation
Capture the TV station and destroy Hassan's forces.

There is a tiberium patch just to the east of your starting location, so go ahead and deploy the MCV where it stops. You'll immediately come under attack from an attack buggy and two light infantry units, but you should be able to dispatch them with your starting units.

Set up your base and deploy a couple lasers for defense. You can skip the war factory and go completely with light infantry and rocket infantry in this mission. Build up some troops, and when you have a reasonable attack force, head towards the TV station. You'll come across an enemy base along the way.

The enemy base is guarded by two lasers and a handful of infantry. Just overwhelm them and destroy everything sight. When the base is gone, Hassan's forces will blow up a bridge to the north. I have no idea why; there isn't anything beyond it, but feel free to fix it with an engineer just to see what it's like.

When you send an engineer into the TV station, Hassan's main base on the map will be revealed. Hassan will also receive reinforcements, but some of them -- including all of the cyborgs -- will convert to your cause because of the TV broadcast. They'll easily dispatch the reinforcements who didn't convert.

Take your remaining troops and head for Hassan's main base. If most of them are injured, there is a truck with a health crate in the civilian city north of your base, and you can heal them with that. Hassan's base is almost defenseless, so you shouldn't have a problem -- and you don't even have to attack it if you don't want to. Simply destroying the bridge leading to his base will end the mission as well.

Mission 3a - Free Rebel Commander
This is the most western of the two mission choices.

Locate and free the rebel commander.

The prison base is a little too well defended for a frontal assault, so explore to the south. You'll find three enemy light infantry and a GDI soldier attacking each other. Kill the infantry while the GDI guy escapes in an orca bomber. He'll destroy a tick tank for you on his way out.

Anyway, behind the soldiers is a tunnel leading to another enemy base. This one only has a few light infantry guarding it. Kill them, and in the process you will learn that you have troops in the two trucks parked nearby. The troops consist of some light infantry and some engineers.

Capture the refinery when the harvester in unloading, and you'll take control of the harvester as well. Use the other engineers to capture the hand of NOD, a power plant, and the tiberium silo. You now have all the structures you need and an endless stream of credits.

Assemble a strike force, and then attack the prison camp. The commander is in an enclosed area on the eastern side. Once he is free, just have him board the waiting transport craft to finish the mission.

Mission 4 - Destroy Hassan's Temple
Locate and destroy Hassan's temple.

Kill then enemy infantry, cross the bridge, and then kill some more infantry. You'll receive many reinforcements including an MCV and some engineers. Capture what you want and start building your base. Hassan's troops blew up the bridge on the eastern side of your base, and so all attacks will come from the west. Put a couple lasers and some rocket infantry there for defense.

Your first target should be the small enemy base to the west. It only has a laser, a tick tank, and some infantry for defense. Your starting troops should be more than enough to destroy or capture what you want. If you decide to capture the refinery, make sure the harvester is inside so you get that as well.

Now you can concentrate on the main enemy base. Assemble an assault force, fix the bridge, and then head east. Capture the hand of NOD here so your troops will have less distance to travel, and also capture the refinery if you need more credits. The area is lightly defended, and you can destroy several power plants and the construction yard if you want.

Moving west from the construction yard you'll finally find Hassan's temple. There are a few lasers here for defense, but by now Hassan isn't receiving any credits, and you can just pound on him until you break through. When you've destroyed the temple, Hassan will try to sneak out the back door, but you'll receive some reinforcements to shoot him down. Hassan will survive the crash long enough to be executed. Lucky him.

(Note: if you capture the temple rather than destroying it, you'll still win the mission, but you won't get to see Hassan shot down.)

Mission 5 - Blackout
This is the most southern of the mission choices.

Locate and destroy the GDI radar facility before the ion storm ends.

After killing the two hover tanks, move your forces west. Deploy your MCV so that the refinery can be placed down southeast from the bridge. There are three entrances to your base -- east, west, and north via the bridge -- and you have to keep them all well defended. GDI will make every effort to sneak in engineers using APC's, and if they get inside it's almost impossible to keep them from capturing at least one building. But sprinkle some infantry and lasers around inside your base to try and stop them.

Even with the 1:30 timer, you have plenty of time to finish the mission. Spend the first half hour getting your base in shape, and get at least two harvesters going. Then assemble an attack force and head west. Send a lone, unimportant unit in front because in two places along the way there will be meteor showers, and your units might take damage.

After turning north, you'll find the tiberium patch that GDI uses. Go ahead and kill the harvester if you want, or try to capture it later with the refinery. East of the patch is a GDI base, which you might have already seen if you explored on the bridge. Approaching the base from the west is easier because you can attack the vulcan cannon one at a time.

After destroying the defenses, capture the barracks so you can train a medic to heal your infantry, and capture the repair depot so you can repair your vehicles. Also take the time to increase your attack force. The main GDI base is well defended.

When you have your attack force ready, head across the next bridge.

You'll immediately see the main GDI base. It has two vulcan cannon and an rpg launcher, plus random titans and infantry, for defense. Try to do as much damage as possible, and also try to sneak in a couple engineers to capture the barracks and war factory, which are right next to the entrance.

Keep pummeling away, but if you have trouble breaking the defense or if you're running out of time, head straight for the radar facility. It is directly north of the entrance. Destroying it will end the mission.

Mission 6 - Eviction Notice
Locate the Temple of NOD and destroy all GDI forces.

The map is divided into two halves, separated by water and connected by a choke point. Your half is the southern half. The GDI base, a civilian city, and the old NOD base all share the northern half.

Set up your base and explore your half of the map. Your position is a little hard to protect because the main tiberium patch fills one entrance to your base. But put lasers in strategic spots, and don't worry about defense too much. Attacks will be infrequent, and GDI will only send solitary engineers at you rather than using the APC trick from the last mission.

There are two things of interest in your half of the map. One is a train blocked by a truck, located along the western edge. If you destroy the truck, the train will roll down the tracks and run into a vulcan cannon, destroying it. The other thing is a series of GDI transports that start in your half of the map and then travel north to the civilian city to evacuate the citizens. This is just for show, I think. Destroying the transports doesn't do anything.

The GDI base is located in the middle of the northern half of the map, directly north of the choke point. It only has two vulcan cannon for defense, but it has a lot of money, so it will continually train infantry and build titans when you attack. Thus, it is important to bring some engineers with you when you attack. Once the war factory and barracks are destroyed or captured, the mission is just about over. Just mop up the base, and send a unit to the northwestern corner where the Temple of NOD is located.

Note: for a change of pace, you can try finishing the mission in this way instead. Immediately send all of your units to the civilian city, and destroy some buildings there to make room for your base. Only build a hand of NOD, a radar installation, and a refinery, and then pump out infantry and engineers. The GDI base is completely defenseless if you approach from the east, and you can easily steal several buildings before GDI even knows what hit them. I tried this strategy when I wanted to get to the civilian city early to try and destroy the transports, and I was surprised that it only took about 20 minutes to solve the mission this way.

Mission 7 - Salvage Operation
Locate the UFO and retrieve the Tacitus.

This is an odd mission in that it is difficult to do the things you are supposed to do and still win. It is much easier to ``cheat'' and skip a few steps. I'll describe both ways.

The right way: kill off the enemy infantry at your starting position and then head north to the northwestern corner. There you'll find a radar installation and a power station. Defeat the enemy infantry guarding the spot, and capture both buildings. The radar will show you the location of the GDI base and the UFO. Notice the truck next to the UFO. It contains cargo from the UFO, and you will need to capture that cargo. Sell off the power station and radar installation for more infantry, and then make for the UFO.

Head south back the way you came until you hit the railroad tracks. Follow the southern tracks east until you hit a dead end and then move north and follow the other tracks. By doing this you'll avoid a titan, but you still might run into an infantry patrol. You'll next run into two wolverines which you can kill, and then you should head east. A train station will be highlighted, and you'll see that the truck has made its way to Vega's train and is unloading the cargo. Ignore it for the moment and send the remaining engineer into the UFO. GDI might have received a MCV by this point, and, if so, there might be a base and a couple of titans nearby. You'll probably have to kill one of the titans to clear the way for the engineer.

The engineer will learn that the Tacitus is gone, and so you'll have to stop Vega's train. Don't follow the train tracks; that won't give you enough time. Instead head south and a little west until you see the broken bridge where the southern train tracks ended before. Southwest of that is the back door into Vega's base, and you can move your troops inside and kill the train. It will leave behind a crate which you should pick up to finish the mission.

Quick method: At the start, when you see the train, have the two buggies and the cycle attack it. They won't kill it, but they'll follow it. The train stops in three places: once to load the cargo, once before entering Vega's base, and once inside the base. Most of the time the vehicles will destroy the engine at the second stop, but if not they can finish it off inside the base. There's no need to send the engineer to the UFO.

Mission 8a - Capture Umagon
This is the most northern of the two mission choices.

Find and destroy the sensor towers without being detected. Capture Umagon.

Immediately deploy your artillery so they can help kill the wolverines. Then move the artillery to the edge of the bridge and deploy them again. Move an infantry unit north to scout around. There is a titan and two wolverines to the north, and the artillery can take them out once they can see them.

Start your base north of the bridge. Once the initial combat is done, there will be no GDI attacks on your base -- they're not supposed to know you're there after all -- and so don't worry about defense. When you build your refinery, make sure the the harvester goes to the tiberium patch to the south. The northern one is a little too close to a sensor tower.

Build a bunch of infantry units, concentrating mostly on rocket infantry. Your two artillery units will kill enemy infantry very easy, and so the only support they'll need is for wolverines and titans. Then move your troops west up the ramp, and then towards the sensor tower to the north. Edge your artillery towards it until they take it out, and then move all of your troops east and repeat the process. If the artillery starts attacking enemy harvesters, let them or move on, your choice. You have plenty of time to finish the mission.

Once the second sensor tower is down, edge towards the third one and destroy it as well. Now you can bombard the enemy base in the southeast corner. By this time Umagon is probably down there waiting for her train to arrive, but she's not going to make it. Once your troops move in on the base, Umagon will move in to assist in the defense, and the first shot that hits her will ``capture'' her and complete the mission.

Mission 8b - Capture Umagon
This is the most southern of the two mission choices.

Capture the train station.
Failing that, destroy the train to ensure that Umagon does not leave the area.

You start in the southeastern corner of the map. There are five tiberium veins near you, so build two refineries and at least three harvesters. There are two entrances to your base area: to the north over a broken bridge, and to the west over a non-broken bridge. Even after you fix the bridge to the north, all attacks will come from the west, so put three lasers and your artillery unit there.

Once you've got your base going, build an attack force of infantry units. Include an engineer with them, and send them north over the bridge and then west around the tiberium patch. They'll run into a lightly defended barracks and power station. Capture the barracks, and make that your primary infantry producer. Also train a medic or two to heal your wounded.

Keep moving west along the northern edge of the map. Eventually you'll see another barracks. This one has more defenses, including a vulcan cannon and some nearby titans. Simply swarm it and capture the barracks. There is a war factor nearby, and you can capture that, too, if you want. The train station is south of the barracks, and you just need to send an engineer into it to win the mission.

Mission 9 - Sheep's Clothing
Destroy the mutant base.

Start training an engineer right away so you can more quickly capture the construction yard. Also, sell off the walls surrounding the tiberium veins so the patch will expand in size. You can have at least two harvesters working and still never run out of tiberium. Then expand your base so it extends beyond the shallow area you are in. That way your base only has one entrance rather than two, and it is easier to defend.

The map is basically divided into two halves. Your base and a small mutant base occupy the southern half, and the main mutant base occupies the northern half. The small mutant base has no air defense, so this is a good time to use orca fighters. As soon as you attack the base, the mutants will release three fiends, but vulcan cannon with orca fighter support can kill them pretty easily. Be careful if you attack the small mutant base by land; their gun turrets look a lot like observation booths, and you can get a lot of infantry killed if you don't notice right away.

The main mutant base has air defenses, and they also have an obelisk and air support. You don't have any ground to air support available in this mission, but the landing pads are close enough to the entrance of the base that you can take them out so the fighters only get one round of attacks.

Other than the obelisk, the main mutant base isn't very well defended. Just send ten or so titans against it, and you should have no problem. Tratos is in a building next to a gun turret on the eastern side of the base. If you destroy his building, he will emerge and surrender the base, ending the mission.

Mission 10a - Escort Bio-toxin Trucks
Note: This is the most northern of the two mission choices.

Locate the bio-toxin trucks and escort them to safety.

The cyborg commando is pretty powerful, and he can probably kill all of the GDI forces on the map by himself. So just about any path you take will allow you to finish the mission successfully. This is just one way.

Follow the mutant guide east. He's under computer control, and he'll remain that way for the remainder of the mission. He'll probably also get killed because he runs right into a GDI patrol.

Mop up the patrol with your units, and then have an engineer fix the bridge. Be careful crossing the bridge because there are a titan and hover tank in the area, and the bridge is fragile. One hit will break it and send whatever units you have on it down the river.

After killing the titan and hover tank, move north along the coast. You'll come to a ramp leading north. Sending a unit up the ramp will trigger a meteor shower, so use one of your engineers.

Beyond the ramp to the north is the base with the bio-toxin trucks. The buildings are damaged, but you can use an engineer to fix one, or sell the gate and use the resulting credits to repair the buildings normally. There is a hospital in the base, and the cyborg commander can use it to be restored to full health.

The checkpoint area where you need to send the trucks will also be revealed. It is east of the base, beyond a small GDI outpost. The outpost is guarded by a vulcan cannon and a titan, plus a few infantry units. The cyborg commando has better range than the cannon, so dispatching that should be no problem, and the commando and your remaining units should be able to kill the titan quickly. Now just send the trucks to the checkpoint to finish the mission.

Mission 11 - Destroy GDI Research Facility
Rally the mutants, secure the tunnel, and then locate and destroy the research facility.

Send your spy north to a cargo truck. Next to it will be a wounded GDI infantry unit, which the spy can kill easily. The mutants will appear and start following the spy.

Move west and kill whatever GDI patrols you run into. Eventually you'll come to the western end of the tunnel. Head into the tunnel and kill the titan on the other side. When it is dead the tunnel will be secure and you'll receive an MCV and some other reinforcements.

The mutants will begin to do their own thing -- which basically amounts to them throwing themselves into the GDI defenses and getting killed. Move your units up to the plateau over the tunnel where a tiberium waste facility and two power plants are located. Capture the waste facility and the two cargo trucks from the last mission will arrive, and you will be able to shoot off one missile. But don't shoot it right away. Attacking GDI only encourages them to attack back, and you don't want that yet.

Start up your base. Put one refinery near the tiberium patch to the east, and then extend your base towards the patch to the southwest and put another one there. This is the first mission where you get to build artillery units so defense shouldn't be a worry. Four artillery units can kill most attacks before they even get to your base.

The plateau your base is on extends to the northeast, close to a small GDI base. Build three artillery units and support them with some rocket infantry, and then move them along the plateau as close to the base as possible. Bombard the base to take out its defenses, and then send in the engineers to capture what you want.

The main GDI base is north of this small base. There is a bridge connecting the two, but as soon as you send a unit across, GDI will blow the bridge up. So send a light infantry unit across, and then send an engineer through the tiberium patch to the east, up the ramp, and then over to the bridge to fix it. There is a guarding vulcan cannon, but your artillery can make short work of it.

Now it is just a matter of pummeling the GDI base. With artillery and lots of credits rolling in, defeating the base shouldn't be a problem. The research facility is to the north, and destroying it will end the mission.

Mission 12 - Rescue the Villainess
Rescue and evacuate Oxanna.

Watch the prison break. When it is concluded, you'll have control of a cyborg commando, Slavik, a subterranean APC, two engineers, and some support units. Bring all your units to the prison area, and then kill the two titans that approach. You can also be clever and draw the titans south and then sink them as they try to cross the ice.

With the titans gone, use the commando to take out the two vulcan cannon, and use the engineers to capture a power station and the radar installation. You'll be shown Oxanna's prison location. Put Slavik and the commando into the APC and send the APC to the north of Oxanna's prison. The commando can easily kill the guarding infantry and vulcan cannon.

At this point the transport will arrive. You don't need to capture it with engineers; all you have to do is put Slavik and Oxanna aboard. To that end, load them and the commando into the APC and send it to the transport. Have the commando kill the defending infantry, titan, and vulcan cannon, and then put everybody aboard the transport.

If you like playing with the commando, you can also use the slow method and ignore the APC. Just walk the commando and your support troops where ever you need to go, and blow up everything you come across. Whee!

Mission 13a - Protect Waste Convoys
This is the most northern of the mission choices.

Build a tiberium waste facility. Destroy all GDI structures.

You start in a fairly nice spot. There are only two entrance to your base -- north, where most attacks will come from, and west -- so concentrate most of your defenses to the north. A couple artillery coupled with your starting units will work for a while, but eventually you'll want to have some lasers and an obelisk as well.

Get a couple of harvesters going, and get those credits coming in. You don't have to get to the waste facility right away. There is a road that travels from the northwestern corner of the map to your location in the southeastern corner, and weed eaters will have to traverse that in order to deliver tiberium to the facility. GDI has forces all along the road, so building the waste facility early will just get some weed eaters killed.

Build some mechanical troops, and send them west over the tiberium patch. There is a civilian town in the southwestern corner of the map, and north of the town is a GDI barracks. Capture the barracks and set up your own attack base. Then start clearing the road. GDI will have some jump jet infantry around so make sure you have some rocket infantry of your own. Otherwise, just pummel them.

Now you can build the waste facility, but it won't matter much. By the time enough weed eaters arrive to form a single missile, you will probably have finished off the main GDI base, which is located north of the road.

You don't need to do anything special to attack the main GDI base. Just send an attack force with some rocket infantry, and back them up with a couple of artillery. Capture a building once you break through, and then pick them apart. Once all of the buildings are destroyed, the mission will be over.

Mission 13b - Establish NOD Presence
This is the most southern of the two mission choices.

Locate and secure the old NOD base. Destroy all GDI forces.

Follow the road to the northeast. Along the way you'll encounter a titan and an infantry soldier, which should be easy to defeat, and a mutant attack, which is more complicated. The mutants will ambush you in a civilian city, and they will have a hijacker at their side. If you're not careful, you can lose a vehicle or two.

Keep heading northeast, and you'll eventually hit the NOD base. Repair the damaged buildings, and either put up a wall or use pavement to box in the tiberium vein. Otherwise it will spread and destroy your buildings.

GDI won't waste a lot of time before they attack, so try to get some artillery going as quickly as possible. The tiberium vein to the south will stop several titan attacks, but GDI will also send disrupter tanks from the east, and artillery is good at killing these slow-moving targets. When you're ready to attack, head west. Near the northwest corner is a barracks and three power stations. There are also a couple vulcan cannon, and you can either take those out with artillery or chemical missiles. Capture all the buildings and camp some artillery there.

Not far away to the south GDI has another small outpost, but this one has a refinery. Capture the refinery while a harvester is unloading and you'll probably have more than enough credits coming in. GDI has some jump jet infantry in the area, so make sure your attack force has some rocket infantry to shoot them down.

Make some more artillery units and deploy them on the plateau south of the second GDI base. The main base is just south of the plateau and you can bombard it with your artillery. Send in some infantry to scout the area, and then fire away. The base shouldn't last long, and you can capture yet another refinery if you want, and also a war factory. Heal your attack force, add some titans to it, and then explore the rest of the area to make sure you killed everything.

The last GDI base is in the southeastern corner. This is where GDI keeps its orca helicopters. It has both fighters and bombers, so have your troops go right for the helipads to take them out. Otherwise the bombers can take out your rocket infantry very quickly. Once this base is gone, the mission will end.

Mission 14 - Destroy Mammoth Mk. II Prototype
Spy on a communications center. Destroy the Mammoth Mk. II prototype.

Your spy has a good range of vision, and he is invisible to enemy troops, so use him to scout around for a while. There are a few communications (aka upgrade) centers on the map, but don't be in a hurry to infiltrate any of them. Expose large portions of the map instead, and then enter a communications center when you've seen enough.

At this point you'll see a demonstration of the Mammoth Mark. II prototype. It looks mean, but it can't stand up to concentrated fire. Next you'll receive an MCV, three attack cycles, and three tick tanks. Send them north to the communications center along the western side of the map. Deploy your MCV so you can put a refinery right next to the two tiberium fields.

You'll come under attack right away from GDI patrols, but your starting units should be able to take care of them. Get a barracks up as soon as possible so you can train some infantry to help out against the enemy infantry. Then set up your defenses in a normal way: some lasers, a few artillery units, and perhaps an obelisk if you want one. At some point an MM2 might attack your base, but don't get excited. The mission won't end when you kill it. GDI is just cheating a little.

Now build four banshees and four helipads. There is a church in the northwest corner that has a money crate under it, and that can help pay for the expenses. Look back at the demonstration site and notice the SAM turret. Have your banshees take that out. They'll get damaged, but none should get killed. If you don't have a repair vehicle, build one to keep your banshees healthy.

The first banshee attack will expose another SAM turret, so have the banshees take that out next. This second attack will expose the MM2, and you will only need one last attack in order to take that out. When it blows up, the mission will be over.

Mission 15 - Capture Jake McNeil
Persuade Jake to join the Brotherhood.

Ah, subterfuge. You will have three APC's, two filled with engineers, and one holding a single rocket infantry unit. Load the toxin soldiers into the latter APC and head west, staying as far south as possible. You'll come to a ramp leading south and you should take it. You'll come to an observation tower, but you can pass it safely to the south. Finally, you'll pass a civilian building called ``WS Logging Company'' and enter a cul-de-sac.

Unload the toxin soldiers and rocket infantry. One of the plateau walls can be shot to form a ramp -- but only by the rocket infantry. Once the ramp is there, go up it and enter the GDI base from behind. Move the toxin soldiers in first to kill the enemy infantry, and then send in the engineers to steal all of the buildings. When you capture the construction yard, the guns will stop functioning. If you lose one of your engineers, don't worry; you have one extra. Do no destroy any of the gun turrets or buildings, or else McNeil will notice the trap. However, you can train some disc throwers. You will have to kill two wolverines eventually, and the extra support will come in handy.

Now wait for McNeil to show up. If you've done everything correctly, he will enter the base. At that point, it is safe to attack. Even if McNeil discovers the trap, he will run south and towards your starting position. Either shoot him right away, or chase him down and then shoot him. Then send him to the starting position and put him in the subterranean APC.

If McNeil discovers the trap before entering the base, you will have more work to do. He will run to the northeastern corner of the map to wait for a transport. You will have 30 minutes to get a toxin soldier over there to shoot him. Sell off all of the buildings you captured, and train as many troops as possible. With the resulting horde of infantry, you should be able to fight your way to McNeil and shoot him. Once McNeil has been persuaded, I'm pretty sure he is always indestructible, so at that point you will have essentially won the mission.

Mission 16b - Illegal Data Transfer
This is the most southern of the two mission choices.

Infiltrate the three communications centers to steal the ion cannon codes.
Then evacuate the spy.

The front door is never a good idea, so scoot around to the west and head north. You'll encounter a GDI patrol along the way, but your forces should have no problem with it. Continue north and you should find a mobile sensor array. Destroy it so your spy stays hidden. North of this location is a plateau wall that you can shoot, so do so. Send the spy alone up the ramp, and then hug the northern edge of the map while heading east. You'll find a communications center and be able to steal the first code. At this point a transport will arrive almost directly south of your current position. Skirt around the wolverine again and get into the transport.

Mission complete.

Mission 17 - A New Beginning
Deploy the three ICBM launchers before the Philadelphia can make three passes.

Watch Jake run into the base and turn off the firestorm walls. Then kill off the defending GDI forces and get to work setting up your base. Capture the firestorm generator (but sell it) and the four power stations, but wait on the refinery. GDI will shoot the refinery with the ion cannon and then repair it, and you can save credits by capturing it afterwards. You should also construct a refinery of your own, and place it close to the tiberium patch to the west.

There are no convenient land masses to control access to your base, so you'll need to spread your defenses around. Place lasers around the perimeter and keep a few artillery inside. Once GDI attacks a couple times and you have an idea about where they'll attack each time, place obelisks there. For the most part GDI attacks will consist of at most three or four heavy vehicles, and your artillery might be able to wipe them out before they even get to your base, but it's better to be safe than sorry. GDI will also send some jump jet infantry on occasion, but two or three SAM sites are enough for them.

When you build your radar installation, the three launch sites will be highlighted on the radar view. Soon after that, a timer will start, but don't be misled; you get a new timer for each pass of the Philadelphia, so you really have three hours to finish the mission and not one hour. You can actually finish the mission in one hour if you want, but it's more fun to pound on the GDI bases a little first.

Only one of the launch sites is defended: the one in the northwestern corner. You'll need to destroy a couple vulcan cannon and kill some titans first, but otherwise you can pretty much walk the three missile trucks to their destinations. But don't deploy the trucks until you're ready to finish the mission. Deploying them early will just put them in danger.

Explore the map around your base so your artillery can target advancing GDI forces more quickly. To the east is a civilian town with a church. Under the church is a money crate. Also send some infantry on suicide missions to the north so you can find the GDI bases -- and expose gun turrets so you have something to aim the ion cannon at. GDI won't replace any killed turrets except at the base south of the eastern launch site. Once your base is defended and you've done some exploring, start building an attack force. Build a temple of NOD so you can train a cyborg commando and support him with several infantry and some artillery. Then send them east to the eastern edge of the map. Sending them north at that point will lead them eventually into a GDI base. This is GDI's ``expansion'' base, so what is there depends on how long it takes you to assemble your attack force.

But it doesn't matter, really. With the artillery killing off vulcan cannon and rpg launchers, and the commando and infantry killing enemy defenders, you should be able to destroy or capture the base quickly. Capturing the refinery is a good idea, although your artillery will probably kill the harvester and prevent you from getting that as well.

You can now move your attack force to the eastern launch site. Deploy the artillery and leave the infantry. That site is now safe enough so that you can send a missile truck there if you want. GDI doesn't seem to take any special interest in the launch sites; they always go straight for your main base unless something gets in their way.

Depending on how much time you have left, you can either assault the remaining GDI base directly, or just destroy enough of it to clear a path to the northwestern launch site. I'll assume the latter. Create a new attack force and send it west to the western edge of the map, and then send it north. Near the northern edge of the map it will come to a bridge leading to the GDI base. You might want to create an MCV and deploy it at this location so there is less distance for new troops to travel.

The first targets should be two vulcan cannon guarding the gate into the base. They are too far away for artillery to hit from your side of the bridge, so you will have to attack them directly using the method of your choice. The ion cannon is a good choice for this since it will also destroy part of the firestorm walls behind them. Then you just need to sneak some infantry in to kill the two guarding titans and the rpg launcher. The way is now clear for the missile truck. Deploying one in the northwestern site and the last one at the site just north of your base will end the mission. Kaboom.

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