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Red Alert 2 - Allied Units

Aegis Cruiser
The Aegis Cruiser is indispensable on navy maps where aerial attacks are necessary -- its Medusa anti-aircraft missiles quickly take out enemy planes and even missiles. Crucial to have around if your base is anywhere near water. Keep them afloat with escorts, and your veteran Cruisers can send up a veritable curtain of missiles to devastate your foe's air force.

Amphibious Transport
The Amphibious Transport is crucial on navy maps for getting your units on enemy land, and is instrumental in orchestrating combination attacks that take advantage of both naval power and ground units. On navy maps where the battle takes place over stretches of ocean, gather up a force of Amphibious Transports filled with mixed units (including Tanyas and Engineers) and hit your enemy hard. It's also wise to keep one Amphibious Transport away from the fray, stocked with an MCV and some powerful defense units, in case you need to start a new base.

Attack Dog
Truly man's best friend, the Attack Dog is an excellent defense against infantry units knocking on your door, as they can take them out in one lunge. It always pays to have a pack or two sprinkled around your base to sniff out spies, take out pesky engineers and pre-empt any infantry-based attacks. If an enemy has a garrisoned building that's causing you grief, pound it with tank or missile fire until the infantry flees. Then send in a standby pack of attack dogs for lunch.

Black Eagle Jet (Korea)
Boasting the best air force in the world, Korea is home to the elite Black Eagle Jet, a souped-up version of the Harrier. While the speed of the Black Eagle is the same as the Harrier, the Eagle's armor and firepower are considerably stronger, making it invaluable as an offensive unit, best used against enemy structures. After taking out an opponent's air defense, a few well-placed Black Eagle strikes against his Ore Refineries can quickly cripple a base. Combine it with a ground attack using waypoint mode to overwhelm your opponent.

Aircraft Carrier
These lumbering hulks are slow, heavy--and deadly, equipped with three Intruder planes that rain down Hornets. Two or three of these--escorted with a healthy mix of other naval units--can devastate a base, as the Intruders restore to full health after each run, and are even re-supplied at no cost to the player if destroyed. All around, the best unit for kicking off a full-scale shore assault.

Chrono Legionnaire
The Chrono Legionnaire doesn't walk around the map, but rather teleports from place to place by warping the space-time fabric. Rather than destroying units, he erases them out of time; the more powerful the unit, the longer it takes. Best used as a support unit, the Chrono Legionnaire is a powerful piece when used in conjunction with more meat-and-potato units, and can erase more powerful vehicles like Apocalypse Tanks and V3 Rocket Launchers while conventional forces mop up the rest. The more Chrono Legionnaires you use on a target, the faster it gets erased.

Chrono Miner
This Allied ore collector uses time-warp technology to speed the harvesting process, traveling out to the Ore field, but "chronoing" back when full of ore, saving considerable time in financing your base's growth. Since the Chrono Miner operates largely on its own, it's easy to sometimes lose track of its whereabouts. Keep an eye on the ore field it's working in, and put a few units on guard in the area to protect your investment. Guarding the unit itself may hinder its progress back to the field.

The Destroyer is the Allies defense mechanism against submerged units. When stationary, the unit automatically detects submerged units such as Submarines and Giant Squids, and automatically deploys the Osprey which will fire depth charges to take out the foe. A standard deck gun is useful for clearing out minor land targets, but the Destroyer's true strength is clearing the seas from underwater threats. A naval force isn't complete without them.

Fast and invisible to enemy radar, the Dolphin sports a sonar amplification device that sends powerful sonic waves that damage waterborne foes. Its speed and maneuverability make it an excellent escort unit for more heavy-duty units such as the Aircraft Carrier, and is especially useful against submerged units such as Giant Squids or Subs.

Sure, his only weapon maybe a clipboard and pocket protector, but the Engineer is not to be underestimated as both an offensive and defensive unit. If you're low on cash to repair your structures, send an engineer into the building for a quick repair (note that the unit is "lost"). More importantly, Engineers can help turn the tide of battle by capturing neutral tech building that often dot the battlefield. Capturing an airport gives you the ability to produce paratroopers, which you can drop every few minutes to a selected location on the map. Capturing hospitals creates a center at which to heal wounded infantry units. Capturing an outpost turns it into a repair facility with defenses against both air and ground attacks. But perhaps the most important tech building to capture is the oil derrick, which will boost your credit flow while occupied (plus a "finder's fee" upon first capture). An often overlooked way to ramp up your base's finances, oil derricks can mean the difference between biting your nails while you wait for ore miners to come home and building that weather control device. On maps with lots of oil derricks, scout your Engineers early with a few tanks and attack dogs. Best off all, however, is using the Engineer as an offensive unit against your enemy's base. After taking out perimeter defenses with tanks and ground units, try sending in a detachment of engineers into enemy structures. As soon as they've taken the buildings, cash in in a frenzied sell-off.

This well-trained grunt is a cheap bread-and-butter unit who has at least one advantage over his Soviet counterpart: the ability to entrench himself behind sandbags and become an instant mini-bunker . This gives the GI more range, more power and a better defense against attacks. Beware, however: GIs can't move while sandbagged, and a cluster of sandbagged GIs are little more than a quick lunch to a pack of attack dogs. For defense, however, sandbagged GIs sprinkled throughout your base can provide an excellent last-line defense against vulnerable targets such as sneaky Engineers or other infiltrators. The true power of GIs really come through, however, in urban settings. Try garrisoning troops in key buildings -- near vital passes or choke points -- where they can quickly chew up enemy infantry and tanks with startling efficiency. Garrisoning troops is also a great way to rack up veterancy, which will give your troops increased strength, firepower, rate of fire, and eventually the ability to heal themselves.

Grizzly Battle Tank
Capable at both offense and defense the Grizzly is the standard, all-purpose Allied tank. Relatively cheap to produce and heavily armored, it's perfect for en masse attacks on enemy bases -- and for squishing squadrons of infantry. For base assaults, send a bunch of these into the enemy base and set them on "guard" -- they'll suppress hostile units and give you time to break out the big guns.

This swift jet aircraft specializes in ground attacks by firing two devastating Maverick Missiles at its target. Their single-run attacks and vulnerability to anti-aircraft fire make them a delicate investment, but one that pays off with careful planning. Scout the enemy's base beforehand and single out lightly defended targets. They're also good for fly-in attacks against enemy ore refineries, to slow the development of your enemy's base.

Infantry Fighting Vehicle (IFV)
The swift, lightly armored IFV is a versatile battle machine that serves many purposes depending on what unit you put inside it. On its own, it fires dual hover missiles effective against both ground and air targets -- but making it especially good as anti-air defense. Toss in an engineer and you've got a mobile repair bay (keep two or three among each tank division to keep the casualty rate low) or throw in a GI for a machine gunner on wheels. Putting in special units, however, yields the most interesting results. Throw in a Sniper and you've got one well-armored, long-distance killing machine.

Mobile Construction Vehicle
The MCV creates the Construction Yard, which is the heart of the Allied base. As you climb the tech tree, the unit will become available to build. It's heartily recommended for longer games to have an extra MCV or two at the ready to build a secondary base in case of, oh, say, a nuclear missile annihilating your original one. In that case, it's best to keep the MCV well-guarded, but away from other crucial structures that may be targeted by your opponent.

Mirage Tank
Though lightly armored, the Mirage Tank's real defense is camouflage. When not moving, it appears to be a tree. Stand a few in the near enemy activity (or, better yet, ore fields) to divert your opponent. Use their camouflage to best effect by grouping them near actual trees, the better to confuse your enemy. They can only be force-fired upon, so it's guaranteed that a Mirage Tank will require your opponent's full attention.

Prism Tank
A virtual Prism Tower on wheels, this experimental Allied tank fires white-hot beams of light to fry enemy units. The beam bounces to other target, giving the Prism Tank the ability to take out multiple units at once. Particularly good against massed units, Prism Tanks are best off when supported by basic offensive units like Grizzly Tanks, as they're relatively slow-moving, and take a few moments to recharge their beams.

An airborne version of the GI, the Rocketeer uses a powerful jet pack to hover around the map with incredible speed, making it an excellent scout units. The ability to attack both ground and air targets makes him one of the most versatile Allied units -- especially as an early line of defense against Kirovs, which can devastate even a base that's well-stocked with flak cannons. Rocketeers are perhaps best used as a fast, light defense rather than as offensive units, as flak tends to turn these guys into flying barbecue. However, a small squadron of them stationed outside your base's perimeter can provide an early-warning defense against attacks.

British Sniper
The British Sniper likes to set his sights on Soviet infantry and -- thwip! -- give them a permanent tea break. With his long-range fire and ability to drop infantry in one shot, the British Sniper is an excellent unit for harassing enemy infantry, forcing your opponent to cope with mysterious deaths while you forge other plans. A few well-deployed Snipers placed near an enemy's base can prove invaluable toward distracting your opponent's attention, as well as thinning his ranks.

Armed with only some putty and rouge, the Spy is a valuable unit for drawn-out conflicts when long-term savvy will win out over short-term firepower. Noticeable only to attack dogs, the Spy can infiltrate other buildings, stealing credits, power and, most importantly, technology to unlock new and more powerful units. In longer games where resources have been mined nearly to the max, a carefully deployed Spy can come into play as a crucial piece in the match. Try sneaking him in to an enemy refinery to steal credits, or to get veterancy for infantry or vehicles, by sending him respectively into Barracks or War Factories. One of the best uses of the Spy is as a "stunning" unit -- that is, send him into an enemy Power Plant (temporarily shuts down his power supply) or Radar Dome (resets the shroud) to bewilder your opponent as a preamble to a larger offensive.

Tank Destroyer (Germany)
Virtually powerless against infantry and structures, the Tank Destroyer specializes in -- you guessed it -- destroying tanks. Armed with special armor-piercing shells, Tank Destroyers are best used as a defensive unit, especially against opponents who are fond of tank rushes. Mix a few of these in with the defensive units at your base, and watch the incoming columns of tanks go down.

The saucy vet with the two pistols is the most versatile infantry unit for the Allied forces. She can run, she can swim -- and oh can she destroy. While weak against vehicles, Tanya is a terror to infantry units, which she can kill in one shot. She's excellent as a support unit, useful for handily picking off infantry at the edge of a base before sending the heavy machinery in; she's equally good as a defense). If you can fly her in an enemy base, Tanya can instantly take out buildings with C-4 charges.

Mirage Tank
Though lightly armored, the Mirage Tank's real defense is camouflage. When not moving, it appears to be a tree. Stand a few in the near enemy activity (or, better yet, ore fields) to divert your opponent. Use their camouflage to best effect by grouping them near actual trees, the better to confuse your enemy. They can only be force-fired upon, so it's guaranteed that a Mirage Tank will require your opponent's full attention.
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