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Renegade - GDI Units

General Info
All infantry units listed below carry a Silenced Auto Pistol as a secondary weapon which does very light damage. In addition to that, all infantry carry Timed C4 charges with a 30 sec. delay. The engineers and special engineers carry more and different types of C4 charges than other infantry types.

Basic Infantry

GDI Soldier: Cost = [free] 
Primary Weapon: Auto Rifle [Machine Gun]
This is your basic infantry. Gun fires 100 rounds at a time before reloading. Useful against other infantry, and with several grouped together can take out vehicles. 

GDI Shotgun Trooper: Cost = [free] 
Primary Weapon: Pump Shotgun
Very effective for close range fighting inside tunnels, buildings, etc. If you get close enough to an enemy, you can take em out with one shot. 

GDI Grenadier: Cost = [free] 
Primary Weapon: Grenade Launcher
Can fire over buildings, cliffs, etc. It has very good range. Very effective when firing at a group of enemy soldiers for collateral damage.

GDI Engineer: Cost = [free] 
Primary Weapon: Repair Gun
Secondary: Remote C4 and Timed C4 Explosives
Heal teammates and repair vehicles and base structures. Use your explosives to damage buildings at the MCT (Master Control Terminal). Engineers are the only base level characters that can destroy a building by themselves. They can also disarm C4 charges and beacons when placed by other units. 

Advanced Infantry

GDI Officer: Cost = [175]
Primary Weapon: Chain Gun
Effective against both infantry and vehicles. It is more powerful, has longer range, fires faster, and can take more damage than the standard GDI Soldier. 

GDI Rocket Soldier Officer: Cost = [225]  
Primary Weapon: Rocket Launcher
Effective against both infantry and vehicles. Weapon fires rockets with a load of six at a time., then it has to reload. It's long range makes it useful in open spaces.

GDI Sydney: Cost = [150]
Primary Weapon: Tiberium Auto Rifle
It fires out the same Tiberium that is mined by the Harvesters. It is most effective if used on infantry. 

GDI Deadeye: Cost = [500]
Primary Weapon: Sniper Rifle
Comes with a four round clip. Comes with a scope with zoom in-out and night vision. Great for taking out infantry and damaging light vehicles. Very long range.

GDI Gunner: Cost = [400]
Primary Weapon: Rocket Launcher
This is your elite Rocket Soldier. He's more powerful than the standard Rocket Soldier and carries 8 rockets in it's clip chamber. After firing those rockets, it has to reload. You are limited to the number of reloads. After you use up all your reloads, you have to go to the purchase screen and get refilled.

GDI Patch: Cost = [450]
Primary Weapon: 
This soldier is best used for close in fighting. 

GDI Havoc: Cost = [1000]
Primary Weapon: Ramjet Rifle
This is the most famous of all the characters. Comes with a mounted scope with zoom in-out and night vision and a four round clip. Deadly against any infantry and very effective against all armored vehicles. It fires high speed steel projectiles.

GDI Sydney Specialist: Cost = [1000]
Primary Weapon: Personal Ion Cannon
Carries a portable version of the devastating satellite-based Ion Cannon. Sydney is also equipped with a prototype assault suit that provides better armor, thus allowing this infantry unit to take more punishment than most others.

GDI Mobius: Cost = [1000]
Primary Weapon: Volt Auto Rifle
Very powerful gun fires out an electrical beam of energy. Has long range. Effective against all targets. 

GDI Hotwire: Cost = [350]
Primary Weapon: Repair Gun
Secondary: Remote, Timed , and Proximity C4
They repair at twice the rate of the base level Engineer and have twice the range on their repair module. They also get an additional charge of Remote C4 and can carry Proximity Mines that detonate when the enemy get close to the mine.


GDI Humvee: Cost = [350] 
Primary Weapon: Mounted M-60 [Machine Gun]
Designed for recon and hit and run tactics, the HumVee sacrifices armour for speed. But it is not completely without merit. The speed means you can run over infantry before they know what's happening and doge slow moving projectiles. It's mounted Machine Gun means that it can take out infantry, but nothing else. You must try and avoid confronations when in one of these. But when fighting one, a few rockets will do the job nicely.

GDI APC: Cost = [500] 
Primary Weapon: Mounted M-60 [Machine Gun]
This vehicle is similar to the HumVee except with a little less speed and more armour. It is designed for getting a number of troops to and from areas quickly and safely. It's armed with the same gun as the HumVee which must reload.

GDI Mobile Rocket Launcher System (MLRS): Cost = [450] 
Primary Weapon: 227mm Missiles
Slow moving, light armour, huge range. The MRLS fires 6 missiles at long range, they are deadly against everything, but designed for use against buildings out of range of the defences. Their slow speed and light armour help the anoying Brotherhood kill you, so you'll need to be backed up by some Engineers.

GDI Medium Tank: Cost = [800] 
Primary Weapon: 105mm APDS
The best all round tank, it has decent armour, firepower and speed. It really has the same advantages as the Light Tank, it is more powerfull and can withstand more pounding as it's slower speed will stop speedy get-aways.

GDI Mammoth Tank: Cost = [1500] 
Primary Weapon: Dual 120mm APDS
Secondary: Mammoth Tusk Missiles
The sight of a Mammy crawling over the horizon strikes fear into even the most battle hardened commando. It has stupidly huge amounts of armour and firepower. Of course you have to pay for this, and it's in the speed department. So it's always best to have a few faster units around to back you up. To defend against one of these you will need to be extremely persistant, but of course, by the time they've spotted where you are, they'll have killed you.

GDI Orca VTOL Attack Aircraft: Cost = [900] 
Primary Weapon: Dragon TOW Rockets
Secondary: High Speed Gattling Cannon
As the name suggests, the Orca Fighter can take off and land vertically. It is very fast moving and is armed with a light machine gun for use against infantry, and rockets to combat structures and vehicles. It can easilly be shot down however, but you can avoid the slower projectiles if you are quick!

GDI Transport Helicopter: Cost = [700] 
Primary Weapon: None
The Transport Chopper is used to transport infantry around the battlefield very quickly. The chopper itself is not armed at all so it is completly helpless when it encounters enemy fire, although it can take a bit more punishment than an Orca Attack Aircraft.
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