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Red Alert 2 - Allied Structures

Air Force Headquarters
The Allied Air Force Command Headquarters activates your Radar display and also allows you to build your air force, and can hold up to four Harriers. More Harriers require more buildings, and at a relatively cheap cost of $1,000 per Air Force Command Headquarters, a formidable air force is not such an expensive proposition.

Barracks produce all infantry units, from GIs to Chrono Legionnaires. Since it's well armored, the Barracks can take quite a beating and it usually isn't the first structure targeted by an enemy.

Battle Lab
The Battle Lab is the Allied research center that allows you to pursue advanced units and technologies like special weapons. It's expensive and a serious power drain on your base, but the units made available by the Battle Lab are often the key to success on the field.

Allied progress in time-travel technology has produced the Chronosphere, a device that can "chrono" selected units instantly across the map. It's useful for literally inserting Prism Tanks or IFVs filled with engineers into enemy bases, or, conversely, chronoing powerful enemy units into the ocean for instant destruction. As with the Weather Control Device, all players are notified when a Chronosphere is built and the shroud above the device is removed.

Gap Generator
Even the most aggressively scouting opponents can't contend with a Gap Generator, which creates a shroud over a wide radius wherever it's built. Useful for facilitating large-scale attacks in which you want to keep your enemy in the dark -- literally -- over what forces you're amassing. Requires a lot of power to maintain, but if you've got the money to build a Gap Generator, surely you've got money for power.

Construction Yard
The Construction Yard is the heart of your base, the key structure that allows you to build all other buildings from walls to Weather Control Devices. Best to make it the literal heart of your base as well, keeping it out of harm's way by nestling it in the center of your base's layout, protecting it with a variety of ground and anti-air defense. And don't forget walls -- many a Construction Yard has been sold at the hands of a sneaky engineer because a player forgot to wall it in.

Naval Shipyard
All your naval units are created at the Naval Shipyard. In addition to being a production center, the Shipyard also has the capability of repairing your naval units. Keep this in mind during drawn-out conflicts at sea, and be sure to protect your Shipyard from aerial attacks.

Ore Purifier
It's a relatively expensive structure, the but the Ore Purifier saves money in the long run, as it makes Refineries run that much more efficiently, wringing extra credits out every load of ore your Chrono Miner harvests. On maps where ore gets scarce, the Ore Purifier can save your wallet--and thus your skin.

Ore Refinery
Ore Refineries (and Chrono Miners) are the lifeblood of your base's economy. Crucial to keeping your flow of credits smooth and uninterrupted is making sure you have at least three or four Chrono Miners per Refinery -- their chrono-shifting ability means they don't cause traffic jams. Spread your Refineries out and protect them well, especially from aerial assault.

Patriot Missile System
Able to destroy incoming missiles as well as aircraft, the Patriot Missile System is good as a last line of defense against enemy aircraft. Place a couple of these at your base if you've got the extra cash on hand -- but, more importantly, make sure you've got mobile anti-aircraft units such as Rocketeers or IFVs in place first.

A good early-game defense against sneaky Engineers and marauding GIs, pillboxes are tough little defense structures that can tide you over until more powerful defenses become available. A good complement for Attack Dogs for dealing with enemy infantry units.

Power Plant
Power plants fuel your base. Without power, your radar doesn't operate and advanced structures such as Gap Generators suffer as well. Placement is key when it comes to Power Plants. Since a well-planned enemy strike can cripple your power grid, it's best to spread your Power Plants out; clustering them together makes them vulnerable to a concentrated attack.

Prism Tower
Firing concentrated beams of light that fry opponents, the Prism Tower is an expensive but powerful defense against tank attacks, and placing several together intensifies the beam. Though heavily armored, their recharge time is relatively slow, so these defensive structures are best complemented with ground units such as Grizzlies. Use them to protect your most valuable structures.

Spy Satellite Uplink
When built, the Spy Satellite Uplink reveals the whole map, giving the Allied an edge in terms of battlefield intelligence. A good defensive structure if your economy allows it, the Spy Satellite Uplink can give you a crucial heads-up on your opponent's offensive maneuvers. Guard it well, however: if the Satellite Uplink is destroyed, the shroud is reset.

War Factory
The War Factory is the production center for vehicles, crucial for heavy-duty machinery such as Grizzlies, Mirage Tanks and Prism Tanks. Keep it well protected, as it's a vital branch on your tech tree.

Service Depot
It's cheaper to repair than it is to rebuild, and the Service Depot allows you to do just this. For longer games where ore fields tend to run thin, the key to winning can often mean the best management of the units you have. Repairing vehicles does cost credits, but it's considerably less than manufacturing a fresh one, making the Service Depot a worthwhile investment.

Weather Control Device
The Weather Control allows the Allies to deploy storms at will anywhere on the map, causing severe damage to units and structures alike. Expensive to produce and with a hearty 10-minute charge time, the Weather Control Device is useful if your enemy's defenses are proving just too tough for a conventional assault. Just be sure to protect your investment, as all players are notified of a countdown once the structure is built.
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