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Yuri's Revenge - Yuri's Structures

Battle Lab
Battle LabYuri's Battle Lab is much like the Allied and Soviet Battle with only one exception. Yuri has a keen eye for architecture and a passion for genetic manipulation.

Bio Reactor
Bio ReactorThe Bio Reactor is Yuri's standard power plant. However, Yuri cannot live on electricity alone, and must feed the Bio Reactor with infantry units to get additional energy to meet his base's voracious power needs. Up to five infantry units can provide extra "battery" power for a Bio Reactor, providing the building with up to an additional +20 in power. Thus a Yuri player would do well to go on the offensive early to harvest enemy units and save himself a few credits that might otherwise be spent on another Bio Reactor. Note that the units placed inside the Bio Reactor do not die; in fact, if a Bio Reactor is destroyed, the freed units will appear, instantly controllable by their original owners.

Cloning Vats
Cloning VatsYuri's advances in cloning technology led to the development of the Cloning Vat, which gives his army a two-for-one deal on infantry units: for every unit produced out of the Barracks, one freebie comes out of the Cloning Vat. Indispensable for infantry-rush-based tactics, the Cloning Vat will reward experimentation with different types of units, especially exotic ones such as the Virus or Brutes. The Cloning Vat is perfect for allowing overwhelming, en masse attacks that can confound and bewilder your opponent.

Gattling Cannon
Gattling CannonAt its best, this stationary anti-air and anti-infantry weapon is a deadly defense that can chew up incoming lines of infantry, tanks and even air units. With variable firing rates, the Gattling Cannon spins its barrels faster the longer it's in use during a combat situation, making it deadlier the longer the conflict lasts. While it's vulnerable to hit-and-run tactics and fast assaults, the Gattling Cannon is overall a formidable defense weapon against both air and ground targets.

Genetic Mutator
Genetic MutatorThis low-grade superweapon is yet another result of Yuri's research into biological weaponry. The Genetic Mutator is a giant machine which warps the genes of infantry. Instead of killing them, the Genetic Mutator instantly restructures their DNA and transforms all infantry into Brutes under Yuri's control. If you've scouted the enemy base well and noticed your opponent has a healthy mix of infantry and tanks, fire the Genetic Mutator. Your newly formed Brutes will make minced metal of the enemy tanks. All other non-human infantry, such as Attack Dogs, don't turn into Brutes -- they just die an excruciating death.

GrinderAccuse Yuri of being a heartless maniac, but don't accuse him of not recycling. With the Grinder, Yuri can send in a mind-controlled unit and cash ‘em in for extra pocket money. What happens to the unit? Well...never mind, stop talking and eat already. This building rewards the aggressive Yuri player, who can boost his economy considerably and get an edge on the race up the tech tree by wisely "cashing in" enemy units that aren't useful on the battlefield.

Psychic Dominator
Psychic DominatorThe Psychic Dominator is the pinnacle of Yuri's insane forays into the dark recesses of mind-control research. After countdown, the Psychic Dominator sends out an ultra-concentrated mass brainwave that quickly engulfs all units in the targeted area and puts them permanently under control of the Yuri player . Units can then be told to attack their own base or attack each other. Either way, the result can cripple an enemy if used correctly. The only units not affected are friendly units, units that are psychic-immune, and units inside urban combat buildings or tank bunkers -- and they'd probably do well to run for cover.

Psychic Radar
Psychic RadarThe Psychic Radar is the result of years of Soviet research into psychic powers married to advanced technology -- and now improved by Yuri's crazed tinkering. While it's no replacement for solid defense savvy, the Psychic Radar can help protect your base during particularly brutal assaults, as it lets you see orders given by the enemy within the device's radius. The Psychic Radar serves as Yuri's Radar Tower and, when charged, allows Yuri to reveal a considerable chunk of shroud around a targeted area, making it an excellent tool for scouting out the enemy.

Slave Miner
Slave MinerYuri needs ore too, and his way of getting it is through the Slave Miner. A mobile refinery with five mind-controlled units, the Slave Miner finds an ore patch, parks itself and turns into a refinery. Then it releases its Slaves, hapless civilians turned into miner-zombies by Yuri's psychic technology. Since the Slave Miner is also a refinery, Yuri's base is freed from having a vulnerable Refinery in it. However, that makes it that much more important that he guard his Slave Miner against attack. If a Slave is killed, the Slave Miner will automatically generate a replacement.

Submarine Pen
Submarine PenAll Yuri's naval units are created at the Submarine Pen. In addition to being a production center, the Sub Pen also has the capability of repairing your naval units. Keep this in mind during drawn-out conflicts at sea, and be sure to protect your Sub Pen from aerial attacks.

Tank Bunker
Tank BunkerThe tank bunker is Yuri's answer to defense against tanks. A specially designed protective structure for tanks, the Tank Bunker protects armored units while still allowing them to fire on enemy targets. They even get an attack bonus; the result is a powerfully armored stationary tank that isn't easily routed. Fill a few Bunkers with Lasher tanks and you'll understand. Units inside a Tank Bunker are vulnerable to air fire, however, so keep an eye on your AA defenses.

War Factory
War FactoryThe War Factory is the production center for vehicles and is crucial for heavy-duty machinery such as Lashers and Magnetrons. Keep it well protected, as it's a vital branch on your tech tree and will often be the main target.

BarracksBuilt in his image, Yuri uses the barracks to produce members of his Psychic Army.

Construction Yard
Construction YardThe Construction Yard is the heart of your base, the key structure that allows you to build all other buildings from walls to the Psychic Dominator. Protect it well, as building another will take time and money.

Citadel Wall
Citadel WallsEven Yuri appreciates the value of a good, basic, no-frills defense, and that Citadel Wall provides it, protecting the base from infantry and vehicles foolhardy enough to venture near.
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