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Red Alert 2 - Soviet Units

Apocalypse Assault Tank
Equipped with both ground and anti-air guns, the Apocalypse Assault Tank is the ultimate piece of Soviet tank technology, blending brute force and serious firepower. Once you get a fleet of this guys out and about, their assault power is not to be laughed at. Perhaps their only weakness is their very slow speed; and usually a player with sending out a group of Apocalypse Tanks will most likely have sacrificed aspects of base defense to build up such a force. Thus when building your fleet, beware of pre-emptive strikes by your opponent.

Attack Dog
Truly man's best friend, the Attack Dog is an excellent defense against infantry units knocking on your door, as they can take them out in one lunge. It always pays to have a pack or two sprinkled around your base to sniff out spies, take out pesky engineers and pre-empt any infantry-based attacks. If an enemy has a garrisoned building that's causing you grief, pound it with tank or missile fire until the infantry flees. Then send in a standby pack of Attack Dogs for lunch.

This basic infantry fighting for Mother Russia is different from its Allied counterpart in two crucial ways: on the downside, it lacks the ability to deploy into a fortified position. On the upside, however, it's half the cost of the Allied GI. Thus on maps with urban buildings, garrison plenty of Conscripts for a cheap, powerful defense that can quickly rack up veterancy. Avoid mixing them up with enemy tanks, however -- they'll be roadkill in no time.

Crazy Ivan
This Soviet demolitions expert places dynamite on targeted structures and units, including non-enemy units such as cows. Best used against structures, Crazy Ivan requires careful handling; if fired upon by enemy units he detonates, meaning you won't want to keep him too close to your own units during an offensive. However, his readiness to explode can make him a useful kamikaze unit if the situation dictates.

Demolition Truck (Libya Only)
The Libyan Demolition Truck is a suicide vehicle designed to create maximum mayhem and carnage in the enemy base. This truck carries a small nuclear charge. When the truck is attacked, the charge detonates, destroying everything in a wide radius.

Desolator (Iraq)
With his portable radiation cannon, the Desolator is a scourge to enemy and environment alike. Since he's relatively cheap, the Desolator can prove an effective defense, as his rad-cannon can melt enemy infantry in one shot. When his Radiation Eruption mode is deployed, he emanates a field of deadly radiation; three or four Desolators in this way can prove a frustrating, living radioactive wall to opponents, severely damaging units that try to pass it -- even tanks, which can't squish the Desolator.

Equipped with two long-range missiles, the Dreadnought is the V3 Launcher of the sea; unstopped, a couple Dreadnoughts can level a base from afar. Air units such as Rocketeers are good counters to this unit, and Aegis Cruisers, IFVs and Patriots can take care of the missiles -- provided you have enough of them. However, one or two Dreadnoughts mixed in with a strong naval force can add that extra element of brute force that can really confound an enemy, even if your missiles are getting shot down.

Sure, his only weapon maybe a clipboard and pocket protector, but the Engineer is not to be underestimated as both an offensive and defensive unit. If you're low on cash to repair your structures, send an Engineer into the building for a quick repair (note that the unit is "lost"). More importantly, Engineers can help turn the tide of battle by capturing neutral tech buildings that often dot the battlefield. Capturing an airport gives you the ability to produce paratroopers, which you can drop every few minutes to a selected location on the map. Capturing hospitals creates a center at which to heal wounded infantry units. Capturing an outpost turns it into a repair facility with defenses against both air and ground attacks. But perhaps the most important tech building to capture is the oil derrick, which will boost your credit flow while occupied (plus a "finder's fee" upon first capture). An often overlooked way to ramp up your base's finances, oil derricks can mean the difference between biting your nails while you wait for ore miners to come home and building that weather control device. On maps with lots of oil derricks, scout your Engineers early with a few tanks and attack dogs.

Best of all, however, is using the Engineer as an offensive unit against your enemy's base. After taking out perimeter defenses with tanks and ground units, try sending in a detachment of engineers into enemy structures. As soon as they've taken the buildings, cash in in a frenzied sell-off.

Flak Track
The Flak Track is the Soviets' highly mobile anti-air defense capable of firing rounds of flak at both air and ground targets. It's also useful as a troop transport, and is useful for infiltrating enemy bases with a load of Engineers -- the Flak Track can hold up to five of them, and they're automatically unloaded if the Flak Track is destroyed. As a defense unit, the Flak Track's high speed and excellent power and range against air units make it an excellent "emergency response" unit when the enemy is harassing the margins of your base from the skies.

Flak Trooper
The Effective against both ground and air units, the Flak Trooper boasts two cannons that fire explosive rounds of standard flak. Flak Troopers are useless against tanks, however, making them best utilized as an in-base defense, complemented with Flak Tracks and Flak Cannons. Flak Troopers are somewhat slow-moving too, so be sure to spread them throughout your base for maximum air defense.

These leviathans are a product of Soviet research teams who captured giant squids from their natural habitat and trained them to be a force of terror in the Red navy. One of the few melee units in the Red Alert 2 arsenal, the Giant Squid is also one of the most powerful naval units, able to mangle, dismantle and destroy enemy ships by crushing it with its powerful tentacles. Since it's invisible to enemy radar, the Giant Squid is perfect for sneak attacks against powerful enemy pieces such as Destroyers or Carriers -- send it with support units to guard against counters such as Dolphins, and your Giant Squids will repay your investment many times over.

Kirov Airship
These massive zeppelins are the aerial terror of the Soviet force, capable of dropping massive payloads of bombs that tear into enemy structures and decimate nearby units as well. Get a couple of these into the enemy base and it's so long, comrade. Of course, the trick is getting them there. The only downside is the Kirov's slow rate of movement; the savvy player will make a quick pre-emptive strike against a fleet of Kirovs, so it's wise to protect them with a few ground-based and anti-air forces until they reach their desired target.

Rhino Heavy Tank
Like its namesake, the Rhino is slow and heavy but awesomely powerful, making it an excellent assault unit against enemy structures. When going up against Allied Grizzlies, it's best to remember that while Rhinos are considerably more powerful, they're also considerably slower, and thus Rhinos are often best employed at choke points where your opponent can't opt to cut and run when under heavy fire. Be sure to protect large squadrons of Rhinos with Flak Tracks, too, as Rhinos are particularly vulnerable to air attacks.

Sea Scorpion
This small, swift naval unit is a threat to all targets, whether on land, sea or air, as the Scorpion fires rounds of flak to wear down enemy units. The Sea Scorpion is a must-have support unit for a well-rounded navy, and since they're relatively cheap to make, overproducing can never hurt. They're also useful from protecting structures against missile attack -- but beware, they're vulnerable to sub-surface units such as Dolphins and heavily armored ships such as Destroyers.

Mobile Construction Vehicle
The MCV creates the Construction Yard, which is the heart of the Allied base. As you climb the tech tree, the unit will become available to build. It's heartily recommended for longer games to have an extra MCV or two at the ready to build a secondary base in case of, oh, say, a nuclear missile annihilating your original one. In that case, it's best to keep the MCV well-guarded, but away from other crucial structures that may be targeted by your opponent.

Terror Drone
These small, scurrying machines make scrap out of enemy units by scrambling inside and quickly dismantling them -- and they're also useful for taking out infantry units as well. They're best used carefully on units away from an enemy base, as your opponent can "heal" his units by dispatching repairer-IFVs (or sending to the unit to a Service Depot) and he usually won't do that to units very far afield. Used in this way, the Terror Drone can cause considerable attrition to enemy forces. Their speed also makes them useful against straggling infantry units, which they can kill in one lunge.

The Cubans have developed the Terrorist unit to attack enemy bases. The Terrorist, carries C4 charges taped to his body and kamikazes enemies, blowing them up quickly and efficiently.

Tesla Tank
This tank utilizing Soviet Tesla technology makes it a lightning bolt on treads -- fast and deadly. Effective against both infantry and vehicles, The Tesla Tank really has only one disadvantage: it's expensive to produce, and when you're choosing to create Tesla Tanks, it can often mean you're skimping on some other aspect of your army. In games rich with ore fields and a heavy flow of credits -- in other words, a situation in which you can afford it -- a group of Tesla Tanks is nearly unstoppable. Round out with a Apocs and Rhinos, and your enemy will be seeing Red.

Tesla Trooper
The Tesla Trooper uses the power of electricity, generated from a portable Tesla coil, to sizzle targets to a crispy, golden brown. Since they're quite slow-moving, Tesla Troopers are best used as a static defense, effective against infantry but particularly devastating to enemy tanks (which can't squish them). Use one or two to charge up a Tesla Coil for a slow-recharging but devastating bolt of increased range and power. The bad news is their lack of speed makes them particularly vulnerable to Attack Dogs, as well as aerial attacks.

Typhoon Attack Sub
Invisible until it attacks when it launches missiles at seafaring units, the Attack Sub is the ultimate in under-water stealth, capable of sneaking right upto the enemies' naval units before being spotted. However, the Sub cannot attack land-based targets.

War Miner
War Miner sports a formidable mounted gun to defend itself against enemy attack. This won't completely thwart an attack on your harvester units, however, so it's guarding your War Miners with a decent fleet of Rhinos will hopefully deter serious harassment by your opponent. And since the War Miner collects twice as much ore as does the Chrono-Miner, it will be that much more of an appealing target by your opponent -- collecting more ore means there's that much more to lose if an attack is successful.

Yuri has no conventional weapons, instead he uses his mind to control enemy units making them yours. Unfortunatly, if he is killed, the unit will return to the original owner's side. If he is being overwhelmed, he can boil the brains of the attackers, killing them instantly. Yuri cannot Mind Control War Miners, Chrono Miners, Dogs, Aircraft, Terror Drones, Squids and Dolphins or other Yuris.
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