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Red Alert 2 - Soviet Structures

Barracks produce all infantry units, from Conscripts to Yuris. Since it's well armored, the Barracks can take quite a beating, and it usually isn't the first structure targeted by an enemy.

Battle Lab
The Battle Lab is the Soviet research center that allows you to pursue advanced units and technologies like special weapons. It's expensive and a serious power drain on your base, but the units made available by the Battle Lab are often the key to success on the field.

Cloning Vats
Soviet advances in cloning technology led to the development of the Cloning Vat, which gives its army a two-for-one deal on infantry units: for ever unit produced out of the Barracks, one freebie comes out of the Cloning Vat. Indispensable for infantry-rush-based tactics, the Cloning Vat will reward experimentation with different types of units, especially exotic ones such as Yuris or Engineers. The Cloning Vat is perfect for allowing overwhelming en masse attacks that can confound and bewilder your opponent.

Flak Cannon
Extremely effective against air units, the Flak Cannon has the added advantage of splash damage, making it even more of a threat against clustered air units such as Allied Rocketeers. Flak Cannons are indispensable to the defense of any base. They are dependent on power to run, however, so if you're enemy is trying to take out your power, it's a good sign he's planning an air strike.

Iron Curtain
This powerful piece of Soviet technology makes your units and structures invulnerable for a short period of time, making the Iron Curtain an excellent offensive structure. When used correctly, it can make invulnerable up to nine tanks. Now imagine nine invulnerable Apocalypse tanks tearing through the enemy base -- pretty, ain't it? Since the effect lasts a little under 30 seconds, target your opponent's most crucial structures first, such as War Factories, Con Yard and Ore Refineries. By then, his tech and economy will be so crippled there'll be little left for him to do but watch you finish off his base. However, you can pretty much guarantee that once your opponent knows you're making an Iron Curtain, he's going to opt for a pre-emptive strike, so always brace yourself for a counterattack.

Construction Yard
The Construction Yard is the heart of your base, the key structure that allows you to build all other buildings from walls to Iron Curtain. It is best to make it the literal heart of your base as well, keeping it out of harm's way by nestling it in the center of your base's layout and protecting it with a variety of ground and anti-air defense. And don't forget walls -- many a Construction Yard has been sold at the hands of a sneaky engineer because a player forgot to wall it in.

All your naval units are created at the Naval Shipyard. In addition to being a production center, the Shipyard also has the capability of repairing your naval units. Keep this in mind during drawn-out conflicts at sea, and be sure to protect your Shipyard from aerial attacks.

Nuclear Reactor
The plus side to the Nuclear Reactor is that it replaces Tesla Reactors, which can crowd your base and stretch your finances thin. A Nuclear Reactor provides the energy equivalent of many Teslas, and after you build it, it's usually safe to sell off your Teslas and spend the money elsewhere. However, the Nuclear Reactor is also a liability in that, if it's destroyed, the resulting nuclear explosion will take a large part of your base with it. Thus it's wise to place the Reactor away from sensitive structures (such as Con Yards, War Factories and Ore Refineries) and keep it well guarded with Flak Cannons against aerial attacks.

Nuclear Silo
The crown jewel of the Soviet offense, the Nuclear Silo launches a sizeable nuke that can, if deployed correctly, devastate an enemy base. The initial explosion is incredible, and the resulting radiation takes care of any infantry left over. However, be aware that the Nuclear Missile Silo is a heavy investment in terms of time and money, and ask yourself if that 5,000 credits might not be better spent on a formidable assault team. Sometimes a conventional force is more effective. However, on navy-based maps, a well-placed nuke can spell victory.

Ore Refinery
Ore Refineries (and War Miners) are the lifeblood of your base's economy. Crucial to keeping your flow of credits smooth and uninterrupted is making sure you have at least two or three War Miners per Refinery. Spread your Refineries out and protect them well, especially from aerial assault.

Psychic Sensor
The Psychic Sensor is the result of years of Soviet research into psychic powers married to advanced technology. While it's no replacement for solid defense savvy, the Psychic Sensor can help protect your base during particularly brutal assaults, as the Sensor lets you see orders given by the enemy within the device's radius. Only make it if you have the credits to spare, however.

Since the Soviets don't have a conventional air force like the Allies, they don't need airfields, and their map intelligence is supplied by the Radar Tower. When built, it activates the radar display, which allows you to see all scouted portions of the map. Keep your power in the green and keep your Radar Tower well inside your base (preferably with some Attack Dogs sprinkled around), as it's often a target for spies.

Sentry Gun
The Soviet version of the Pillbox, the Sentry Gun is a relatively cheap and effective defense unit against enemy infantry attacks, as it can dish it out as well as it takes it. It is weaker against armored units, however, and thus the Sentry Gun should be used purely as a supplementary defense unit, and not as a primary one.

Service Depot
It's cheaper to repair than it is to rebuild, and the Service Depot allows you to do just this. For longer games where ore fields tend to run thin, the key to winning can often mean the best management of the units you have. Repairing vehicles does cost credits, but it's considerably less than manufacturing a fresh one, making the Service Depot a worthwhile investment.

Tesla Coil
The Tesla Coil fires a powerful bolt of electricity at ground units, frying infantry in one zap and usually taking out heavier armored units in two. When powered up by Tesla Troopers, the Tesla Coil enjoys increased range and power. Its relatively slow recharge time, however, make it susceptible to tank rushes, so it's usually wise to have at least two or three Tesla Coils operational to best take advantage of them.

Tesla Reactor
The Soviet army depends on the Tesla Reactor to run its base operations.. Like Power Plants, Tesla Reactors are extremley important, but are very vulnerable. These structures must be protected at all times. Spies are a particular nuisance.
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