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Tiberian Sun - Storyline

About This Report
The following report has been generated by EVA in accordance with directive issued from the office of the Chief Commander of the GDI, General James Solomon, dated January 19, 2030. This document serves two purposes; first, to compile and assess the most recent intelligence reports, including detailed descriptions of Nod units, structures, vehicles and personnel versus their Nod counterparts.

All personnel reviewing this report must have security clearance level RED or greater. Violation of security procedure is a court-martial offence and is punishable by death.

Twentieth Century Conflict
The conflict between the Global Defense Initative and the Brotherhood of Nod originated in the late twentieth century. GDI, now the most powerful military organization on Earth, was formed forty-five years ago by the final act of the United Nations Global Defense Initative.

Conceived as a united military force for global peacekeeping, GDI relies upon the technological sophistication of its weaponry, and the superior training and loyalties of its officers, th end violent conflict between countries across the planet. At the same time, the Brotherhood of Nod, led by the charismatic Kane, grew to prominence. Working largely in third world countries, wherever there was discontent, unrest, unhappiness - there was Kane.

With a promise of a New World Order and bankrolled by the illicit Tiberium research and trade that Kane made famous, the Brotherhood of Nod began to gain power. A few scattered, disaffected units grew into an army - an army with powerful atomic weaponry, ruthless tactics, and a Tiberian fortune.

Twenty First Century Conflict
Kane was presumed dead after the final battle of Nod's first comprehensive bid for global domination. Though Nod was effectively disbanded and GDI claimed total victory, Kane's body was never recovered. (In hindsight, top GDI personnel have concluded that this was a costly oversight.) Kane's followers continued to hold vigils in the belief that their leader would someday return.

During the decades following his disappearance, Kane sightings became common myth, especially prevalent amongst regions surrounding former Nod strongholds. After a series of GDI investigations, the case was closed and the records sealed. Kane was officailly declared dead - and a disenfranchised Nod became scattered into separate factions.

Three Factions
In the current global battle climate, GDI watches over world combat situations from the Philadelphia, an orbital command center stationed high above the earth.

Three major military factions increasingly affect the state of world relations:

GDI FORCES continue to fight for world order - as defined by United Nations Global Defence Initiative Direcctive 3115.

THE BROTHERHOOD OF NOD has broken into several distinct factions after the loss of Kane in the last tiberum War. The various leaders of these factions have tried to reunite the Brotherhood under their control but as of yet have been unsuccessful. The fragmented command structure of the Brotherhood makes them unpredictable ans especially dangerous.

THE FORGOTTEN, or Mutants, have begun to shift the balance of global combat. A tribal community composed of victims of extreme Tiberium poisoning, the Forgotten trust no one and are extremely dangerous.

The Return of Kane
In a recent communique, Kane himself made a contact with top GDI officials. Additional testing has revealed that the message from Kane is indeed authentic. However, the tests have revealed a minor anomaly that has been determined to be some sort of image enhancement. Make no mistake though - KANE IS BACK.

Days after first contact, Kane launched his initial blitzkrieg. He now appears to be operating from a concealed subterranean base with awsome strenghth and unknown personnel.

Due to insufficient data, EVA is unable to determine where Nod is getting its resources, aircraft, personnel, or technology.

Environmental Impact of Conlict
Across the earth, Tiberium is found mainly in the temperate, tropical and sub-tropical regions of the equator. Tiberium, for unknown resons, spreads much more slowly in the arid frozen poles, both North and South. Tiberium is harvested in two forms, blue and green, which can be found in Tiberium fields and processed in a refinery.

The process by which Tiberium grows is largely unknown. We do know the it leeches valuable minerals from the soil, virtually destroying the ground it comes from.

Additionally, in recent years, Tiberium vein holes have sprouted unpredictably throughout the temperate zones and have created havoc for all that encounter them. Reports indicate the veins may be a form of a mutated flora that is capable of causing damage to near by structures, units and vehicles.

Violent ion storms, whose relationship to Tiberium remains unclear, continue to batter the temperate Tiberium Zones.

Tiberium, though largely mysterious and misunderstood, remains inarguably the most powerful substance on the planet. Originally championed by Kane, Tiberium brought to rise the Brotherhood, empowering their otherwise impoverished forces.

GDI's research facilities have been attempting to decipher the secrets of Tiberuim for years but to date few definitive conclusions have been reached. The compound remains 1.5 percent unidentifiable, with elements of unknown origin that elude standard classification.

As it was once thought to be the next great clean energy source, both Nod and GDI have invested many decades into Tiberium - building on the pioneering work of renowned GDI scientist Dr. Ignatio Moebius. Without Tiberium, niether GDI nor Nod would have the wealth or power to fuel their great armies.

However, in recent years, the research into Tiberium has yielded startling results. Tiberium has always been known to be dangerous to life, but in the past few years a majority of the exposed population has begun to show signs of genectic mutation and a variety of Tiberium-based maladies. Calling themselves "The Forgotten," the remaining mutated population has retreated underground, demanding retribution for their plight and engaging in terrorist activites.

GDI has recently launched a full-scale effort to rescue these infected populations. Nod has allegedly been more interested in using these people as test subjects for a variety of unknown experiments. At this point, GDI recommends that no unifected, unprotected humans expose themselves to Tiberium.
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