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  Welcome to Red Alert-Star Wars Edition! This site is home to the RA2SW Total conversion for Red Alert 1. This TC will replace most of the graphics and sounds in the game to that of the Star Wars universe. Most of the vehicles have been constucted in 3dsmax and the 3ds files will be available for download soon. You will find images and screenshots from the TC on this site, as well as stats for many Star Wars vehicles.    Suricata

 Wednesday, 04.05.2005 - Posted by: PuMaČ
  Found the password to Suricata's account, so I figured I'd bring you all up to speed. The mod has been closed, and I have 'released' it as 'open source' I suppose you could say: All of the files ever worked on/used in the mod have been released here. This should allow for the ease of the public to finish the mod and/or work on it. There is also a beta version there. If you make any progress on the mod yourself, please post your advances in the forum and we will review it. Enjoy, and have a good summer everyone!

 Wednesday, 12.05.2004 - Posted by: Suricata
  Well, I finally have my 3d software working again, I've started reworking the structures into a more detailed style, some of the new structures can be seen here. Hopefully now I have my 3d software running again there will be more regular updates.

 Saturday, 07.02.2004 - Posted by: Suricata
  Hello all, thx for all the support, it's nice to see so many people still following the progress of this mod. I know its been fairly quiet on the site, however, we have been working behind the scenes on the mod, as always, you can find discussions on the mod on our Forums.
  Anyway, you'll be very pleased to hear that we have begun adding music and sounds to the game, as well as a few more grafics. As a result, we have been able to release our first beta version! So far the beta is been kept within the development team, however, its one step closer to a public beta, which we hope will be released in the near future.

 Sunday, 28.12.2003 - Posted by: Suricata
  As many of you will know, My work on the 3D modeling of the game has decreased lately, however, we here at RA2SW are happy to welcome to the team 'Trooper', who will now assist us in the 3D graphics area's. On another note, we just broke over 20,000 hits! So many thanks for the support, have a great New Year!

 Sunday, 21.12.2003 - Posted by: Suricata
  Progress on the mod is slowly moving forward, hopefully with the holidays here, the team can get a little surge of work on the mod completed. On another note...Merry Christmas from the Ra2SW team, and have a great New Year!

 Sunday, 26.10.2003 - Posted by: Suricata
  Hey all, you'll be pleased to know the mod is still moving along, I've done a little maintanence to the site and removed a few of the dead links. PuMa has tweaked the title screen a little, which can be found here (looks much better). Also, Nyerguds has converted the walkers, here is the new At-At, At-St & At-Pt. I'd like to thank everyone for their emails supporting this mod as well as the sites out there for their great PR :)

 Sunday, 14.09.2003 - Posted by: PuMaČ
  Hey everybody, PuMa here. Suricata's been too busy to maintain the site, so Im here now. The mod is still going strong, and between me and Nyerguds we have gotten TONS done. For exampe all of the projectiles have been finalized, i made about 4 new structures, and a bunch of lasers... Suricata sent me all of the icons... and Nyerguds did a marvelous job converting the ATAT, ATPT and ATST. So all in all things are looking good. If you'd like a more detailed report, or would like to help, stop by the forums!

 Sunday, 06.07.2003 - Posted by: Suricata
  Ok, the future of the Mod was hanging in the balance for a little while, however, we are making progress again. Nyerguds has successfully converted my 3D renderings of the Jawa Sandcrawler into a working unit and the counter has been fixed after a few weeks of been unavailable. I am also considering releasing a units pack soon to give people a nice taster of the mod, so keep your eyes peeled! Also, good news, our forum has now become part of the Red Alert Archive , so we welcome all our new members to the forums!

 Friday, 30.05.2003 - Posted by: Suricata
  I'm back after a short break away from the mod, don't worry, it hasn't been abandoned! I've nearly completed the Millenium Falcon which will be the Rebel barracks, the Correlian Corvette will then be made to replace a naval unit. I'll try to post the updates soon. Also added Rtsworld2002 to the links page

 Wednesday, 30.04.2003 - Posted by: Suricata
  I am happy to announce the forums are now back up and running here after a week of been down. Most of the posts have been successfully restored, we have also updated the forum engine to a newer version. Thx to Pcnc for allowing us to place the forum on their server.

 Tuesday, 29.04.2003 - Posted by: Suricata
  Added an artwork section for larger renderings of the unit meshes, as well as artwork created by myself unrelated to the mod. I will be adding more pictures as I complete them.

 Monday, 28.04.2003 - Posted by: Suricata
  I have removed 'RA uncovered' from the links page as it has been down for a few weeks now. I'm considering creating a unit pack for download as well so you can all get a better idea of the finished mod by actually playing the units in the game for yourselves. The forums are still down, however I have recieved permission to place to forum here on pcnc, i'm just waiting for the dynamic server to be set up, so hopefully he forums will be back within a week or so.

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