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Friday, 11.04.2003 - Posted by: Suricata
  Sorry for the lack of updates in the last few days, but I've just come out of hospital after an attack of Accute Appendicitus, I've had it removed so it won't be bothering me again!
I have added the icons to most of the units of their various information pages, I've also added the Interdictor Star Destroyer to the Imperial units page. And finally, I've added some new screenshots to the screenshots page

Sunday, 06.04.2003 - Posted by: Suricata
  Managed to get a new counter from Bravenet, I have set it to the last known hit ammount before the site went down on the old server. Remember to vote for this site in the GS200!

Sunday, 06.04.2003 - Posted by: Suricata
  Added new screenshot to screenshots page, you can see it by clicking here. Notice the completed Star Destroyers and Shield Generaters!

Saturday, 05.04.2003 - Posted by: Suricata
  Site is now being hosted at PCNC! The forums are still under construction, however please feel free to use them! added Red Alert - Armageddon to the links page. Also don't forget to vote on GS200.

Thursday, 03.04.2003 - Posted by: Suricata
  OK, site might be moving to PCNC, however this site will stay up as a mirror, we have created a new forum, old posts from the previous one will be restored soon, hopefully.

Wednesday, 02.04.2003 - Posted by: Suricata
  Due to an unexpected server change I lost hosting on the other server without warning, however, I have set up this mirror site temporarily, I apologize for any broken links, I'll try to fix them ASAP. The forum hopefully will be up again soon, not sure when though, hopefully everything should get back to normal in a few days or so.......

Monday, 31.03.2003 - Posted by: Suricata
  Been playing around with palletes today, so here is another screenshot of how the game is looking, note the shield generaters in the corner (also, they are not finished yet).

Monday, 31.03.2003 - Posted by: Suricata
  Nyerguds has moved the C&C Star Wars website over the PCNC, I have updated the link on the links page, you can also find his site here.

Sunday, 30.03.2003 - Posted by: Suricata
  I've been working away busily for the last few days, I've now completed the title screen here, (apoligize for the fuzzieness of the jpeg). The Sentinal Troop transport has also been completed and sent to Nyerguds for pallet tweaking. Also I've completed a few icons which you can see here.
There is at the moment no release date set for the mod, however it is coming along nicely, so keep your eyes peeled!

 Wednesday, 26.03.2003 - Posted by: Suricata
  Sorry about the lack of updates, however, I have some updates that will wet your appitite! I have added our newest team member 'Major_Gilbear' to the team page, I've also added some new screenshots to the screenshots page!
And finally I've added a few more cool links to the links page.

 Thursday, 13.03.2003 - Posted by: Suricata
  We have been having a few problems with server access for the last day or so, it looks like the problems have gone away though. I've added a few things, firstly, I've placed the avaters of all the team members on the team page so you can recognize us in the forums. I've also changed the links page a little, also added the sites banner so you can use it for links to this page.
I've also added 1 new unit, the Imperial troop Transport and moved the Juggernaut back to the Imperial units page, also added the refinery to both the Imperial and Rebel structures page and the Death Star Uplink to the Imperial structures page.

 Sunday, 09.03.2003 - Posted by: Suricata
  Redone some of the banners on the links page. Also Nyerguds has just created a forum for his Star wars mod here.

 Saturday, 08.03.2003 - Posted by: Suricata
  Sorry about the lack of apparent progress in the last few days, but I've been quite busy at work. However, rest assured that the team are working away at the Rules.ini files and sfx. Screenshots really arn't that far off now.

 Tuesday, 04.03.2003 - Posted by: Suricata
  Added the Ion cannon to the Rebel structures pages. Also changed the Juggernaut to the Rebel units page as it is no longer used by the Imperial army. I've also changed the Sandcrawler colours as brown isn't in the RA colour pallette, it is now in team colours.

 Monday, 03.03.2003 - Posted by: Suricata
  Added some new turrets to the Imperial and Rebel structures pages. I'm currently working on Icons for all the units, also I've updated all the Specifications for the units. Don't forget also that it's the beginning of the month, so if you like this site please vote for me at GS200!

 Saturday, 01.03.2003 - Posted by: PuMaČ
  Got a counter that is non-bravenet up and running, working on the guestbook now. Got some more things done on the rules.ini today... Dont worry, screenshots arn't too far off.

 Friday, 28.02.2003 - Posted by: Suricata
  I've reset the counter to 0 as it had hits from the RA TechCenterČ on it! Also added a guestbook, so feel free to add any comments.

 Thursday, 27.02.2003 - Posted by: Suricata
  Added the Carrack Criuser to the Imperial Structures page, also added the new Animations page.

 Wednesday, 26.02.2003 - Posted by: Suricata
  Sorry for the apparent lack of progress this week, however I have the flu! I have completed the landspeeder and sandcrawler which I have added to the Rebel and Imperial units pages. I've also redone the banners for some of the sites on the links page.

 Tuesday, 18.02.2003 - Posted by: Suricata
  Added the A-wing starfighter to the Rebel units page. You'll be happy to hear that nearly all the shp files for the completed units are almost done, once the rules.ini has been modified we should have some ingame screenshots ready.

 Saturday, 15.02.2003 - Posted by: Suricata
  Added the turrets to both the Rebel and Imperial structure pages, we are working on the first conpletes shp files, hopefully we'll have some screenshots in the next few days.

 Friday, 14.02.2003 - Posted by: Suricata
  Added the shield generaters to the Rebel and Imperial structures section, also added some more specs to the units. Storm trooper is complete and can be found in Infantry section. I've also added some cool starWars links to the links page.

 Monday, 10.02.2003 - Posted by: Suricata
  Added desriptions to the Units section, also changed the rest of the pages to the new colour scheme. Also submitted the site to a few new search engines and changed some of the meta tags.

 Sunday, 09.02.2003 - Posted by: Suricata
  Finished the Tie Fighter, it's in the Imperial units section, I'll probably be adding the 3ds models I've created available for download soon in the downloads section. I've redone the rebel transport as well, it has more of a plated texture to it now.
Also finished the X-wing, it can be found in the Rebel units section.

Just a quick note, if you like this site you can vote for it in the GS200 by clicking the button on the sidebar, Thx.

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