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Partner Sites

Planet CnC - GameSpy Network

RA TechCenterČ -Home of Project Revolution

C&C Meets Star Wars, the only Total Conversion for C&C!

Other C&C sites

C&C FileZone-Everything from TD to RA2!
An excellent site for any files related to the C&C games.

A real time strategy mod site.

Command & Conquer missions site
An excellent site for single and multi player maps for the original C&C game.

Red Alert Archive-The biggest RA1 site on the net!
My old host, sadly it has no forums now, however, it still has loads of downloads.

WestWood-The Creators
The creaters of the C&C games, now owned by EA.

Star Wars Mods

Open Rebellion
A Total Conversion for Starcraft, sadly this mod never got completed, however you can download the beta version, the units are fantastic!

Star Wars Sites

The Official Star Wars site
The official Star Wars site, you can find informatioon on the new films and information on many of the units from the films.

The Force.Net
The Unofficial Star Wars site and home on the unoffcial star Wars encyclopedia, an excellent site to find all the unofficial information and rumours for the new film.

Galactic Empire Databank
A cool site with loads of info on many Star Wars units from the movies and books.

Star Trek Sites

The Official Star Trek site
The official Star Trek site, hosted by Paramount pictures, excellent source for news on upcoming episodes.

The best Star Trek site around, it has the specs and plans of all the ships, episode guides, technical commentries, check it out!

Subspace comms network
The unofficial forums for the Star Trek community, Excellent source of information. Have a question on anything sci'fi? Then this is the place to go.

Maximum Defiant
An absolutly brilliant site dedicated to the USS Defiant from DS9.

Journal of Applied Treknology
Site made up of many fan designed ships, I have a few ships on this site, so go check it out!

Jeff Russell's Starship Dimensions
A cool site with size comparison charts of ships from nearly every sci-fi series.

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