Hey everyone, SecondWave for ZeroHour is now out you can grab that here.


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SecondWave Beta 2.51 Download Here!

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SecondWave 2.51 For ZH


Welcome To Second Wave Beta 2.51 (Public)


The popular Generals mod SecondWave produced by the CnCMatrix Mod Team has now been ported to ZeroHour. The mod includes Aprox 25 new units a entire new side! New weapons such as cluster bombsand repair vehicles.


Summary Of Changes

1 New Side
Aprox 30 New Units Including,
3 New Infantry
8 New Skirmish/MP Maps
New Custom SecondWave Shellmap
Mobile Repair Vehicles
VSTOL Aircraft (Harrier)
Carpet Bombing
Cluster Bombs
Spy Plane
Submarine Missile Strikes
Swing Wing Aircraft
Infantry Which Can Cross Water
Mod Launcher
Mods Lobby Renamed To SecondWave


Beta 2.51 (ZeroHour Only)

Entire Beta 2.3 recoded for ZeroHour

M1A3 Abrams Tank Added To USA

Type 98 Tank Added To China

Hawk T1 RedArrow Added (Shellmap Only)

New UK Dozer Model

New Shellmap

Full set of infantry for UK Added

New Load Screen and art added

Multiple bug fixes

Multiple balance changes

Redesigned Installer

Redesigned Launcher

Challenger 2 Reskinned

Lynx Reskinned

Damage models added for various units


Change Log


Beta 2.3

UK Side Added
19 New Units Added
Cluster Bomb Added
Missile Strike Added
New UK Control Bar
New UK Load Screen
New UK Themed Menu
Added UK Voice Set
Added UK Music Set
Integrated SecondWave Launcher Into SecondWave
New Load Screen Created
Fixed some bugs found in Beta 2.1
Added New GLA Dozer Model
Added Battle For Basra Map
Added Falkland Islands Map
Added 1.6 Balance Changes
Added 1.6 INI Changes
Added Upgrades For UK


Beta 2.1

Added black and brown as player colors
Intel Center now requires Propraganda Center
Added Second Wave credits before Generals credits
MAT Gun can now travel in the Hind but is the only vehicle which can
Hind now has its own armor, locomotor and weapon sets. It was done so the Hind could be made weaker and slower because it was a little overpowered
Hind audio changed to the Technical from the Chinook
Pillbox range has been increased from 100-150
Fixed Carpet Bombing selection
Amphibious Transport now has team colors
Removed USA logo from Amphibious Transport
Fixed Intel Center size (game geometry not model)
Fixed Intel Center build sequence
Fixed GLA MAT Gun using the Toxin Shells upgrade
Changed Chinese Advanced Dozer build shortcut to V from A
Implemented some of the 1.5 balance changes
Mig Bomber now displays upgrade cameo for Mig Armor (always used upgrade)
Fixed APC displaying humvee TOW missile upgrade cameo (removed it)
Fixed GLA Dozer disappearing on death
GLA Dozer can now detect mines like the other Dozers
Fixed MAT Gun using Marauder hulk on death
Napalm Strike now has a spread of 0.25 so that not all Migs attack exact same place (allows you to take out larger groups of enemies)
Added countdown timer to Napalm Strike control bar text
Wall building system re-worked to fix all the current bugs
GLA Hind now requires Palace
Second Wave map names fixed and added (Second Wave) to display name
Pillbox damage decreased from 30 to 25 and delay between shots (in mili seconds) increased from 2 to 250
Changed Mig controlbar text to "Mig 1.44" from "Mig 29"
Re-added rally point to GLA Barracks
Infantry have a 75% survive rate from the APC
Added menu clock
Added house colours for all new units


Beta 2

6 New Units
2 New Buildings
Infantry now bleed when shot
Controlbar text has been edited for most units
The Scorpion tank rocket upgrade has been moved to the Command Center
The Pathfinder can now be trained after building a Strategy Center and does not need a special science
Carpet Bombing has been added for the USA and has replaced the pathfinder on the sciences.
Various new pieces of art
Bayonet charge added to redguard
Napalm strike added for Chinese side
Advanced Dozers have been added for all sides to allow the construction of new structures
Hovercraft have been enabled for all sides and units can fire out of the hovercraft allowing naval battles
Walls have been added for all sides

Starting Units

5 New Maps (All by me 2 never seen before)
Lots of other changes ive probably forgotten about =)