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 Saturday, 08.02.2003 - Posted by: Suricata
  Finished the Rebel Transport today, it's in the Rebel units section, not to keen on the way it rendered so I will probably redo it.

 Friday, 07.02.2003 - Posted by: Suricata
  Good news, the B-wing and Juggernaut are both complete, they have been added to the Rebel and Imperial units section. I know have 7 days off from work, so there should be a little more progress this week.
Also Nyerguds has finished his exams so we will be getting the units implemented into the game soon. Once the majority of units are complete I plan to get the beta version started, we can then get some nice screenshots posted to give you an idea of how the mod will look!

 Tuesday, 04.02.2003 - Posted by: Suricata
  Sadly PuMa accidently deleted some of the posts so I will just reliterate what was said. The B-Wing is now complete, I have added it to the Rebel units section, I have on that point added the unit pages. Also have added a little screenie of a star Trek unit for you Trekkies out there!
Also I would like to mention the Space Shuttle Columbia which broke up on re-entry on Sataurday, I would like to wish my condolences to the family and friends of the crew from all the RA2SW staff. It was not only a loss to the family and friends of the crew, but a loss to all of mankind.

 Saturday, 01.02.2003 - Posted by: PuMaČ
  I've patched up some links on the page, and thanks to RWP we have a forum again! W00t!!! 90% of the info was preserved as well.

 Friday, 31.01.2003 - Posted by: Suricata
  Ok, as you may of noiticed I've redesigned the banner to get rid of that spelling mistake (I won't repeat it), If you look closely you can see the tie crawlers at the bottom of the banner.

 Thursday, 30.01.2003 - Posted by: Suricata
  Ok, PuMa has fixed some of the dead pages and I have removed some of the pages that weren't needed. I have removed the forum link temporarily whilst we figure out a solutinn to fix it after it was hacked. So far I have the following units complete, AT-AT, AT-ST, Tie Tank, Snowspeeder and Tie Intercepter, I am trying to get the B-wing finished. I will get some pictures posted soon, I promise!

 Tuesday, 28.01.2003 - Posted by: Suricata
  Greetings! Sorry for the lack of progress on this site, I've been real busy. Anyway, the units are slowly coming along. If anyone would like to help on this mod just drop us a mail.

 Monday, 20.01.2003 - Posted by: PuMaČ
  Greetings! Im just working on getting this site up now. Suricata asked me if I could host his new mod. If anyone else would like hosting for their mod, just drop me an email.

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