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Covert Operations is a mission disk for C&C. Some features are 15 new hyper-hard solo-play missions, 10 new multiplayer maps, Non-sequential play (play missions in any order), and 7 new soundtracks. This disk upgrades you to v1.20. However, v1.22 is the latest English version.

Mission Objective Difficulty Walkthrough
GDI: Blackout Disable Nod Power Plants, then Bases Moderate

GDI: Blackout Walkthrough

GDI: Hell's Fury Use Delphi's Signal to Destroy Nod's Temple/Bases Hard

GDI: Hell's Fury Walkthrough

GDI: Infiltrated! Defend Your Base, then Destroy Nod's Moderate

GDI: Infiltrated! Walkthrough

GDI: Elemental Imperative Recover 2 Crates of Tiberium Research Very Easy

GDI: Elemental Imperative Walkthrough

GDI: Ground Zero Get the Delegates Away From the Nuke and Into A Transport Chopper Hard

GDI: Ground Zero Walkthrough

GDI: Twist of Fate Reestablish a Base and Destroy Nod Very Hard

GDI: Twist of Fate Walkthrough

GDI: Blindsided Destroy 5 Nod Bases Starting With 1 Commando Very Hard

GDI: Blindsided Walkthrough

Nod: Bad Neighborhood Watch Out For Hostile Villagers While Destroying GDI Easy

Nod: Bad Neighborhood Walkthrough

Nod: Deceit Resurrect Your Base and Destroy GDI Hard

Nod: Deceit Walkthrough

Nod: Eviction Notice Find a Spot For Your Base and Wipe Out GDI Hard

Nod: Eviction Notice Walkthrough

Nod: The Tiberium Strain Destroy All GDI Troops, Civilians, and Bio Labs Moderate

Nod: The Tiberium Strain Walkthrough

Nod: Cloak and Dagger Use Your Stealth to Free an MCV and Destroy GDI Easy

Nod: Cloak and Dagger Walkthrough

Nod: Hostile Takeover Recover the Area and Remove GDI Hard

Nod: Hostile Takeover Walkthrough

Nod: Under Siege Fend Off a 3-Sided Invasion and Destroy GDI Moderate

Nod: Under Siege Walkthrough

Nod: Death Squad Destroy 2 Comm Centers in a Huge GDI Base Easy

Nod: Death Squad Walkthrough


MISSION OBJECTIVE: GDI has attacked and cut off one of our bases. Find a way into the base. One of our agents will assist you by placing a landing flare at the right time. Once you're in, rebuild the base and destroy the GDI forces in the area.

MISSION OBJECTIVE: GDI has intercepted and captured one of our MCV's. We were counting on that vehicle to establish a foothold in the area. Recover the MCV and remove any trace that GDI has even been there.

Click here to download these missions and maps. (20 KB)

Requires Command & Conquer version 1.19

1) Download the .zip file & copy to your Command & Conquer directory.
2) Unzip the file into the Command & Conquer directory.
3) Launch Command & Conquer, and select the New Missions button.
4) Choose the new mission you'd like to play.

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