Obelisk Of Light


These are some game bugs you can use to your advantage:

1.) If a computer unit accidently fires on another computer unit, they will become enemies and fire at each other until one dies. Try to put your units between to computer units and get them to hit each other.

2.) When your refinery is full or EVA says Silos needed, start building something expensive. Cancel it, and your money is returned as credits, not processed Tiberium. This way you can prevent your opponent from capturing/destroying your silos and you losing money.

3.) (This one only works with 1.18 or earlier) Build a Silo, and let it fill up with Tiberium. When it is full, build another silo but do not place it. Sell the Silo that is full of Tiberium. Quickly place the built Silo down before the Silo sell animation is over. In return for this, you will get over 1000 credits for the Tiberium in the Silo you sold, and have the Tiberium you just sold transferred over to the silo you just created.

4.) You can prevent computer rebuilding. The computer always builds in the same place if something is destroyed. Simply place a unit or building on a spot where the building was. Also if you sandbag on that unit then sell the sandbag the computer cannot build there.

5.) Once the computer has 1 or 2 units left sell everything and use the units you got to kill the last units. You will get tons of money and 100% efficiency rate for high points.

6.) Sell any building with a weapon (like turrets or guard towers). Quickly select the building, press 'S' to stop the selling. The building will remain but the minigunners will be out already.

7.) (This REQUIRES 1.18 or earlier) First build a Comm. Center and have radar up. Scroll your screen in such a way that a part of a building you own is cut in half by the menubar at the right. Select that building. Start construction on the building you want to build anywhere. When the construction is complete and the building is ready, move your cursor over the building that is on the map. Drag the hash marks past the building as your move your cursor into your radar map. It is important that it leaves an area of white hashing - one white hashed square is enough. Move your cursor into the radar map. It should display a no-smoking sign. Wherever you click your mouse button now will deploy your building on that spot in the map.

8.) To kill an Orca take a stealth tank to it's pad and fire at the Orca. It will lift off to attack but your stealth will cloak and the Orca will return to it's pad. Repeat until it's destroyed.

9.) To kill a cloaked Stealth with an Orca, select the Orca then put the cursor on the radar map. Move the cursor around the map. If it turns Red a Stealth is there.

10.) The Obelisks and advanced guard towers have a one square advantage when attacking units to the north because the origin of fire and the base of the structure are not the same. Enemies can only target the base of the structure. It is therefore possible for two obelisks or advanced guard towers to be built in such a way that the first can target the second, but the second can not target the first.

11.) Right before a Transport Helicopter lands, place a unit on a square it is landing on. The Trans. Helicopter will simply stay in the air above your unit, and then you can bring Bazookas over and kill it.

12.) Using Bazookas you can take out Guard Towers. Place them 4 squares away and the Guard Tower cannot fire back. Very useful.

13.) If engineers keep rushing you put a SAM Site as the northern most unit in your base. The computer always attacks the northern most unit. Except engineers can't take over SAM Sites. The engineers enter and nothing happens! So just place a Obelisk right below the SAM to stop other computer units, because the computer will target the SAM.

14.) The computer AI tends to attack the last thing (perhaps of equal class) that attacked it. The way to attack a large enemy unit such as a harvester with bikes or infantry is to circle around it so that everyone gets a shot, and the harvester will spin around trying to take on the last one that hit it.

15.) If you move a unit all the way to the side of the map and the unit has good sight you can see a bit of the other side of the map! There could be a weakly defended structure you can Nuke, Ion, etc.

16.) Place a sandbag vertically. Then put some infantry as close as possible to the sandbag. Then click sell and move the spinning dollar symbol as close as possible to the unit without it turning into the red no symbol. Click and it will sell the infantry!

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