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  • December 5, 2005 C.E.

    Cloak & Dagger   -Arc [7:29 PM CST]
    And now for our annual update... Coen Blazer wrote to me about an alternative strategy for beating the Covert Operations map Cloak & Dagger. I've added it to the Cloak & Dagger walkthrough.

    In other news, this site is now over 8 years old, and I'm 22.

    December 10, 2004 C.E.

    I exist.   -Arc [10:42 PM CST]
    I've updated the links and affiliates in order to show that I still exist. It looks like some major sites have been lost, as C&C Web, Westwood Underground, and Command & Conquer: Ultimate are no longer working. I haven't adjusted the star ratings yet.

    When I created this site, I was 14 years old. I'm now 21.

    June 5, 2003 C.E.

    OCO v1.1   -Arc [6:39 PM CDT]
    The Obelisk Covert Ops walkthrough is now version 1.1. Please update if you have it on your site. I also submitted it to GameFAQs.

    May 31, 2003 C.E.

    Important Note on Downloads   -Arc [11:26 AM CDT]
    First of all, I haven't abandoned the site. But there is not a lot left to do for a game that is 8 years old, since this site has existed for the last 7 of those 8 years. Any suggestions are welcome because I would like to have a 'finished' resource as I feel it is incomplete.

    Onto the main topic of links. Often you will click something and get a Fileplanet ERROR message and think that the site is dead. This is not true. All of the links are properly uploaded. If you get an error, what you need to do is hit BACK and then click the link again. Refresh doesn't do it. Sorry that's how FilePlanet works. As some help, here are the current top Obelisk downloads, with the number of downloads as I type this:
    Editors: CC Edit v4 (1599 Downloads)
    Construction Tools: CC-Tools 1.0 (284 Downloads)
    .Zip Downloads: C&C Mission Selector (403 Downloads)
    Maps: All Multiplayer Maps (35 Downloads)
    New Missions: Elite Eight (119 Downloads)
    Patches: English 1.22 (264 Downloads)
    Saved Games: Nod Ending (190 Downloads)
    And my Obelisk Covert Ops walkthrough ;)~

    September 28, 2002 C.E.

    Here It Is   -Arc [5:27 PM CDT]
    The Obelisk Covert Operations Walkthrough v1.0 is complete! Yes it did take some sandbags to complete some missions, but there are a lot of innovative tactics and commentaries in the strategies. As far as I know this is the largest free Covert Ops walkthrough in the world. C&C webmasters can go ahead and put it on their sites and make it the file of the week or whatever. Well here it is:

    OCO.TXT (50 KB)

    August 24, 2002 C.E.

    Covert Ops 6 Years Too Late   -Arc [6:15 PM CDT]
    Loyal Obelisk visitor Roman hooked me up with C&C Gold, thanks my man. What I am going to do now is attempt to go through all of the Covert Ops missions without building one sandbag. Also this will directly relate to updates in the currently bland Covert Ops section of the site. I will add a section similar to what I have in the Storyline except instead of a screenshot there will be -Two- walkthroughs per mission. One will be the generic one I found on C&C Filezone (sorry there's no author listed or I would give credit). The other will be the one I writeup as I go through these, the most important difference being no sandbags used in mine. This makes the game much more intense and challenging as you might have known already.

    June 29, 2002 C.E.

    Do you want my carrots   -Arc [8:46 PM CDT]
    There are a lot of little updates all over the site. The technician/obelisk pic above this, which had been kind of bouncy since it was made about 6 years ago, was finally corrected by Nyerguds. The latest Star Wars mod, also by Nyerguds, is now here. Note on all downloads: if you get an error msg of some kind try refresh or hit back and click it again, because all of the ones hosted on fileplanet are there. I also know some of the Westwood links are dead so I'll fix that soon. Other than that I checked links and updated the affiliates; Tiberium Addicts is now RA2 Battlefield.

    May 29, 2002 C.E.

    Same   -Arc [1:49 PM CDT]
    Well I fixed the counter finally at least. The problem is I have XP but not Gold so I can't play C&C right now, and there's no rush to update anyway. I haven't gotten any mail for this site in a few months anyway so I assume people are cool with how it is now as a resource. Once again I say that the site isn't going to go down but it may be a long time before it's completely finished, unless something comes along to really motivate me. bbl chums :)

    March 15, 2002 C.E.

    Various Work Done   -Arc [7:31 PM CST]
    I made some updates all over. The sidebar is almost always in need of something so I cleaned that up. Then I checked the Links. There were no major rating changes except for C&C MP3s because the links magically started working again. For those wondering I just look at 3 things on sites: 1. Time put into it 2. Working links 3. Recently updated. Anyway this got me thinking about all the MP3s that the Downloads needed. So I spent some time gathering them, and now the MP3s are complete. I've been told by GameSpy that as long as the MP3s are on Fileplanet and are just from C&C, its ok. So enjoy.

    My birthday is coming up, so don't forget to get presents for me.

    February 16, 2002 C.E.

    Renegade   -Arc [7:21 PM CST]
    I wrote a quick review of the Renegade demo at the other site I work on, It's in the Reviews section. It has some mature language as well, cause I wrote it right after I played it for a few hours yesterday.

    January 18, 2002 C.E.

    Sup*   -Arc [3:33 PM CST]
    Sup star there's updates all over the site. Check the Downloads for new mp3s (legal) and zips (all Maarten's good stuff). Then the Patches for the MAXI-Patch which is basically like v1.23 because it fixes some more things, but it isn't official. Then check the modified Flame Dancers in the Missions. Also we have 3 new affiliates, because everyone loves each other around here. Finally there's a few more Text Files that are worth reading. In other news I also work for our new affiliate r3m's site and I know you all love my work so check them out. Cya

    January 9, 2002 C.E.

    Links Explained   -Arc [8:43 PM CST]
    The Links were checked and the ratings adjusted. They now are rated by fourths instead of whole stars. I based them mainly on how much time was spent on the site and whether the links work. There were a few great/good sites and then a lot of bad ones that I was harsh on. Westwood's site is 5 star for multiple reasons and that is all.

    January 8, 2002 C.E.

    Update 4: Status   -Arc [6:33 PM CST]
    I'll just expand on the Current Agenda section below for this last update today by going through every page. Nothing to add to the Affiliate page, more affiliates welcome. Someday some more bugs should be added. C&C Series is really outdated. Comparison kind of sucks and needs more games. Construction Tools are just there and I don't know if that will change. I really want to add more to the Covert Ops, like how I got through each one. Credits will be updated if it needs to be. Downloads could be filled more (and will be with Maarten's stuff). Editors need new comments. Standard checking of the links will be done soon. Use the message board ^_^. I don't know what to do with the maps. I need a lot more missions. Reminisce at the archives. I wonder if that Tiberian Dawn patch petition went anywhere. I can't believe the poll still works. I am extremely content with the saved games and storyline pages. Screenshots need to be rated again. Strats are the only major thing left. I love the text files and I want more. Units could use better comments. The newsgroup still works. Sign the guestbook ^_^.

    Update 3: GameSpy Mini-Rant   -Arc [4:00 PM CST]
    The other Text File I added was GameSpy's Top 50 games of all time. There are 3 reasons for this and I don't hide anything, ever. 1. Worldcharts went down a long time ago. I originally chose Worldcharts because when I started the top games section C&C was near the top. Then it became kind of boring updating because Tiberian Sun made 43rd or wherever. Now I don't have to update that part weekly. 2. C&C was on the list. That is really the main reason. Because honestly the list is horrible. I know I'm about 6 months too late but where is FF7, Xenogears, Suikoden, CHILLER 3.0? But it's ok because 3. We're part of the GameSpy network! Don't forget to click the ads~~! Flying somewhere? Try Hotwire's amazing deals! Just kidding. Another thing is yes, I liked the old idea of clicking on a zip and it downloads, but we are stuck with fileplanet my friends. I remember somewhere, probably an email, someone complained to me of all people what a joke fileplanet is. As long as I'm on planetcnc (a great host) I have to use it. Cya.

    Update 2: Sidebar   -Arc [3:45 PM CST]
    I took out 3 pages from the site, Leagues, Multiplay Services, and System Requirements. Leagues was nothing more than a free advertisement for Case's Ladder. I moved that to Links because it still supports C&C. Side note: the Links will be checked and the ratings will be reconsidered soon. A lot of the Multiplay Services have died off not surprisingly. Kahn and TEN were the most well-known failures. I do keep the pages on my HD btw if anyone really needs them for some reason. Anyway the System Requirements were moved to Text Files. Like anyone's computer can't handle C&C these days. I also added another text file, see the above update.

    Update 1: Affiliates   -Arc [2:42 PM CST]
    k I'm just gonna update as much as possible until PTI comes on in 2 hours. First thing I did was check the Affiliates and bag all the non 2002 news. A couple affiliates disappeared and there is a new one, the young Tiberium Addicts. Remember to be an affiliate all your site needs to do is: 1. exist and 2. be about a Westwood game. The 2 affiliates failed to agree to rule #1, hence get these guys outta here.

    January 2, 2002 C.E.

    FINALLY~!   -Arc [1:36 PM CST]
    I've got about 37 excuses that you don't want to hear but I can finally update again. Expect massive workage within days.

    Current Agenda

  • C&C Series: Generals/Twilight
  • Comparison: Redo
  • Construction Tools: Maybe revamp
  • Covert Ops: Dino walkthrough?
  • Downloads: Add to all except MP3s
  • Editors: Needs new comments
  • Links: Check every month
  • Maps: Maybe redo
  • Missions: Add a lot
  • Text: Keep adding stuff
  • -Arc

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