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CnC Matrix Tutorial Section <<


Welcome to the tutorial section, this will be one of the most useful areas for any modders/appears for Generals. In the near future we will have tutorials for Generals hosted by this site, created by staff of this site and links to remote tutorials which we think are of the highest quality. I have also included in this section tutorials which I did my self several years ago now for Redalert 2 they may still prove useful for any Redalert 2 appears


If you would like to submit a tutorial for hosting on CnC Matrix please drop me a line at webmaster@cncmatrix.com


Generals Tutorials


Tutorials By Staff

- Proper Use Of Bigs


Hosted Tutorials


By Shiv

- Adding units to Generals


Downloadable Tutorials

- Official WB Tutorial

- Uv Skining

- Practical UV Skining

- General Skining

- GMAX Modeling Tutorial


Offsite Tutorials:


Genedit 2k

- Low poly modeling by Proclone


Deezire Online (Please note you may have to register to view these tutorials

- Basic UV Skinning By Proclone


Redalert 2 Tutorials


- Starting the game with buildings/units for Yuri's Revenge

This tutorial explains how to use the new triggers in Fa2 Yuri's Revenge to allow players to start with buildings or units.


- Making Vehicles Move In Maps

This tutorial was the first one which I wrote and contains details about using triggers and scripts to create moving vehicles in your map, this tutorial teaches alot of useful skills for scripting in Redalert 2.