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History <<


On the 3rd February 2002 CnC Matrix launched just in time to welcome in the latest edition to the Command & Conquer series of game made by Westwood, Renegade the site quickly grew into the community and soon became one of the fore runners in the Command & Conquer community. At its peak the site was getting anything between 600-900 unique hits per day and 1000's of page impressions.


After 7 months of up time CnC Matrix closed, the staff and a lot of the hosted files were transferred to the Bunker Network and all of the staff included me worked on CnC Bunker and Generals Bunker for several months until November 2002 when I quit the Bunker Network and went on a period of rest for several months then I came to the decision that I wanted to bring back CnC Matrix!


Work on the new CnC Matrix began in mid December 2002 and took upto a month to complete, the new CnC Matrix included radical reforms of the site and its ways of running. The site launched with a brand new layout made by me and is using advanced php coding which speeds up load times and decreases bandwidth. Also the old CnC Matrix provided content and files on all Command & Conquers game but when planning the new CnC Matrix I came to the hard decision that creating files and content for older C&C's would mean that the site would have to be delayed by several months and that the majority of visitors will be coming for info and news on the latest edition to the C&C series, Generals. So the new site only hosted files and content related to Generals and other future C&C games.


In March/April 2003 one of the most important features of CnCMatrix was announced, the SecondWave mod for C&C Generals. Soon after the first version was released which clocked up 1000's of downloads.


Now almost a year since I first started planning the return of CnCMatrix the site is now attracting 1000's of unique hits per day and is almost upto 1,000,000 hits! in under a year this is a great achievement and to celebrate we have a brand new state of the art layout made by Clive of Strategy-X.


As we are now approaching the Second Anniversary of the original CnCMatrix launched in January 2002 the site is in the top 5 sites in the community and with your continued support will never die.